Spectrum analyzer up to 3 GHz with tracking generator Rohde & Schwarz FS315

Rohde & Schwarz FS315 – spectrum analyzer with tracking generator (9 kHz – 3 GHz)

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Out of production. Recommended replacement: Anritsu MS2080A


The Rohde & Schwarz FS315 is a precision spectrum analyzer with a built-in tracking generator for scalar network analysis from 9 kHz to 3 GHz. This oscillator can also be used to generate fixed frequency signals. Thanks to state-of-the-art digital frequency processing technology, it offers high quality measurements at a very competitive price.

The Rohde & Schwarz FS 315 includes various detectors for evaluating measurement results. In addition, this device can measure the electric field strength taking into account the antenna factor.

The range of applications of the FS315 is practically unlimited - it will be useful both in the laboratory and in the service center, and as a flexible tool as part of an automated production system:
- excellent measuring characteristics;
- resolution bandwidths from 200 Hz to 20 MHz;
- frequency meter with a resolution of 1 Hz;
- maximum input level 33 dBm;
- ergonomic user interface;
- remote control via USB;
- fast screen refresh.

Work with the device is carried out through the menu system, so that even an inexperienced user will quickly achieve the required results. The simplicity of the menu structure makes navigation much easier. Users familiar with Rohde & Schwarz spectrum analyzers will quickly find their way around the menu items they are familiar with from other instruments.
The bright color LCD monitor with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels allows you to read the readings even at large angles and under adverse lighting conditions.


Applications for the R&S FS315 Spectrum Analyzer

R&S FS315 is a universal spectrum analyzer for various measurements in laboratory conditions, in service centers and in production:
- measurement of the microwave spectrum (level and frequency);
- measurement of radiated interference (EMC);
- application for mobile radio and wireless communications (GSM, WCDMA, DECT, W-LAN, Bluetooth, etc.);
- TDMA power measurement;
- radio monitoring with remote control via USB.
The R&S FS 315 offers a wide range of measurement modes and markers, making signal analysis much easier. To determine the signal level, you can use two regular markers or one regular and one delta marker. For example, a normal marker can be set to the fundamental frequency as a reference pointer, while a delta marker can be set to a harmonic. Here, the difference between the two levels represents the harmonic suppression level. Regular or delta markers can be used as noise markers for noise power density measurements. In addition, the following markers are available: peak max./min., instantaneous, average and RMS.

High image refresh rate - up to 10 frames per second - guarantees a clear display of measurement results. As a result, parameter changes during module setup are displayed very quickly, saving time in research and production processes.

With the R&S FS315, you can easily measure the signal bandwidth at n dB, for example
at 3 dB or 6 dB.


Scalar network analysis with the R&S FS315 spectrum analyzer

The R&S FS315 with built-in tracking generator is the best value-for-money solution for studying the transfer characteristics of filters, cables, amplifiers, etc. Due to the presence of the SWR measuring bridge, measurements of reflected signals can also be carried out. The ability to set any frequency offset from 0 to 3 GHz allows you to explore frequency-converting circuits. Finally, the built-in tracking oscillator can be used as a regular fixed frequency oscillator.


High measurement performance R&S FS315

The microwave performance of the R&S FS315 sets new standards for spectrum analyzers in the lower price range. Since the average displayed noise level is typically -115 dBm (300 Hz), the instrument detects even weak signals with confidence. Thanks to the wide dynamic range, this is possible even in the presence of a strong carrier signal.
The points of the resulting spectrogram are displayed with a precision never seen before at this price point. This makes the instruments indispensable for solving any measuring tasks.


Resolution bandwidths from 200 Hz to 20 MHz

With 16 digital filters with resolutions starting from 200 Hz, the R&S FS315 can be optimally adapted to a wide variety of measurement tasks. Wide-band filters for general-purpose measurements guarantee fast sweeps, while narrow-band filters provide high frequency resolution and low noise. The spectrum analyzer R&S FS 315 is able to meet all requirements in between.


Frequency counter with 1 Hz resolution

The built-in frequency meter allows you to measure the signal frequency with an accuracy of 1 Hz. In many cases, it is possible to do without an additional frequency counter, which greatly saves space on the desktop.


Maximum input level up to +33 dBm

The maximum input level of the Rohde & Schwarz FS315 spectrum analyzer allows you to measure signals far beyond the generally accepted limits. Mobile phones with a maximum output power of 2 W can be connected directly to the spectrum analyzer without any external attenuators.


Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) analysis

The Rohde & Schwarz FS315 spectrum analyzer can be supplemented with the R&S HZ-15 near-field probes, which allows you to identify EMC problems with printed circuit boards, microcircuits, cables, shields and other high-frequency devices. The R&S HZ-15 near field probe set is designed for measurements in the frequency range from 30 MHz to 3 GHz. To increase the sensitivity during measurements, the R&S HZ-16 preamplifier can be used, which has a gain of about 20 dB and a noise level of 4.5 dB.
The Rohde & Schwarz FS315 spectrum analyzer, complete with R&S HZ-16 preamplifier and R&S HZ-15 near-field probes, is an excellent and inexpensive tool for identifying and correcting EMC problems in electronics design.


R&S FS315 spectrum analyzer software

A powerful program has been developed for remote control of the R&S FS315 from a personal computer. The program extends the functionality of the R&S FS315 and supports report generation:
- compatible with Windows 2000 / XP;
- the computer is connected to the R&S FS 315 via a convenient USB interface;
- fast and easy data transfer between R&S FS 315 and PC;
- continuous sweeping and data transfer of the current sweep to a computer with the possibility of processing (markers, scaling, etc.);
- virtually unlimited memory for storing scans and measurement results (comparison of current and previous results);
- extended set of functions (boundary lines, log files);
- export of sweeps (900 points) in text format for subsequent import into MS Excel;
- export of displayed data (screen shots) in JPEG format;
- output of results to a standard printer.


USB remote control

A new feature in the instrument is the remote control of the R&S FS315 spectrum analyzer via USB. The "hot plug" function allows you to switch to remote control even during operation of the device, simply by establishing a USB connection. For the first time, a laboratory instrument allows USB remote control without any restrictions.
The R&S FS315 is supplied with a Windows 2000 / XP driver for various development environments.


Compact housing with flexible handle

The R&S FS315 spectrum analyzer features a compact and user-friendly design. Even on the operator's desk, even in the rack, it does not take up much space. Even two side-by-side instruments can be installed in one cell of a 19-inch rack.
The new adjustable handle performs several functions. First, it serves to carry the R&S FS315. Secondly, it can be rotated and locked in almost any position. By using the handle, the instrument can be tilted to provide an optimal screen viewing angle. If the handle gets in the way, it is very easy to move it away, allowing for example multiple R&S FS315s to be stacked on top of each other.


Spectrum Analyzer Specifications R&S FS300 и R&S FS315

Spectrum analyzer specifications R&S FS300 and R&S FS315


1 year. It is possible to extend the warranty period up to 3 years.

The Rohde & Schwarz FS315 analyzer has been discontinued. See all new models here: RF spectrum analyzers.