Equipment manufacturing companies (brands, vendors)

Tehencom company supplies and services measuring instruments and related equipment from dozens of world-famous brands.

Below are the main equipment manufacturing companies (brands). Regarding prices and delivery times for the entire range of measuring instruments, just call us or write to us by E-mail and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Equipment manufacturers

Anritsu company logo


The company produces professional equipment for mobile networks (mobile protocol testers, portable analyzers, digital stream generators), spectrum analyzers, signal synthesizers, microwave equipment, etc.

EXFO company logo


The company manufactures professional equipment for testing FOCL and cable networks: optical reflectometers, optical testers, optical spectrum analyzers, optical power meters, devices for wired communication, etc.

Tektronix company logo


The company produces oscilloscopes, signal generators, logic analyzers, multimeters, television, video and audio devices, etc.

Keithley company logo


The company manufactures precision measuring equipment, multimeters, generators, data acquisition systems, power supplies, microwave equipment, devices for optical networks, etc.

Fujikura company logo


The company occupies more than half of the global market for optical fiber splicers, and also produces optical fiber and cable, fiber optic cable installation equipment, electrical systems, electrical components, etc.

ITECH company logo


The company produces a wide range of laboratory and industrial power supplies and electronic loads, as well as measurement systems for the development and production of power electronics. In a number of areas, ITECH products are the most innovative in the world.

Pico Technology company logo

Pico Technology

The company produces in the UK about ten series of professional USB oscilloscopes with a wide range of built-in functions. Pulse generators, high frequency generators and vector network analyzers are also produced.

Aaronia company logo


The company provides low cost solutions for spectrum analysis and EMC and EMI testing. The company's flagship product is a line of very high sensitivity handheld spectrum analyzers based on proprietary technology.

Schwarzbeck company logo


The company produces more than 100 models of antennas with a range of up to 40 GHz: log-periodic, horn, whip, dipole, biconical, frame, logospiral and others. The main production facilities and laboratories are located in Germany.

Fluke company logo


The company produces precision measuring equipment, precision calibrators, digital multimeters, portable oscilloscopes, temperature meters, thermal imagers, etc.

Rohde & Schwarz company logo

Rohde & Schwarz

The company produces professional equipment for telecommunications: spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, cellular standards analyzers, microwave generators, microwave accessories, audio-video equipment, general-purpose measuring equipment, etc.

Hameg company logo


The company specializes in the development and production of inexpensive and reliable measuring equipment with an excellent price-quality ratio. Devices manufactured by Hameg are famous for their ease of use and a large number of useful functions.

Advantest company logo


The company produces high quality spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, protocol analyzers, digital network test instruments, optical network instruments, error rate testers, etc.

Agilent Technologies company logo

Agilent Technologies

The company produces precision measuring equipment, digital multimeters, telecommunications equipment, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, microwave generators and meters, etc.

JDSU company logo


The company occupies one of the leading positions in the world in the production of equipment for testing copper and fiber optic communication lines in telecommunications, as well as devices for testing wireless data transmission systems.

Yokogawa company logo


The company produces high-quality optical reflectometers, oscilloscopes, power quality analysis, etc.

LP Technologies company logo

LP Technologies

The company holds a leading position in the United States in the production of low-cost and high-quality spectrum analyzers, remote radio monitoring systems and similar equipment.

AMETEK company logo


The company produces high-quality programmable laboratory and industrial power supplies and electronic loads, which are produced under the trademarks: AMETEK, Sorensen, Elgar, PowerTen, California Instruments, Xantrex.