Tektronix RSA500A series of spectrum analyzers and cable and antenna analyzers up to 18 GHz

Tektronix RSA500A series of spectrum analyzers and cable and antenna analyzers up to 18 GHz

Brief description of the series

A series of portable spectrum analyzers, signals and antenna-feeder devices (AFD) Tektronix RSA500A contains four models: RSA503A (up to 3 GHz), RSA507A (up to 7.5 GHz), RSA513A (up to 13.6 GHz) and RSA518A (up to 18 GHz). The intended purpose of this series: maintenance of mobile and other radio communication networks (including the antenna-feeder part), search for and elimination of sources of radio interference, measurement and analysis of various parameters of modern information transmission networks. The basis of the system is an accurate and functional spectrum analyzer with hardware support for real-time spectrum measurement (up to 10,000 spectrograms per second). As an option, a tracking generator and an antenna analyzer can be added to the main analyzer unit.

Tektronix RSA500A Series Spectrum Analyzers are controlled by free software Tektronix SignalVu-PC, which is installed on a separate personal computer or tablet. Data exchange between the analyzer and the computer is carried out via a high-speed USB 3.0 interface. A complete description of all the characteristics of the RSA500A series analyzers and the SignalVu-PC program can be downloaded below on this page in the Documentation section.

All models of the series

The Tektronix RSA500A series consists of four models, which are presented in this interactive table. To see all the characteristics of certain models, add them to the comparison.

Main characteristics of Tektronix RSA500A series models
Maximum frequency
Minimum frequency
Spectrum analyzer type
Real-time analysis bandwidth
Antenna analysis
3 GHz 9 kHz Real-time 40 MHz 10 MHz – 3 GHz 2.54 kg 2.99 kg
7.5 GHz 9 kHz Real-time 40 MHz 10 MHz – 7.5 GHz 2.54 kg 2.99 kg
13.6 GHz 9 kHz Real-time 40 MHz 10 MHz – 7.5 GHz 3.4 kg 3.85 kg
18 GHz 9 kHz Real-time 40 MHz 10 MHz – 7.5 GHz 3.4 kg 3.85 kg

Main features of the series

Spectrum analysis: 9 kHz - 3 GHz + antenna analysis: 10 MHz - 3 GHz (RSA503A model).
Spectrum analysis: 9 kHz - 7.5 GHz + antenna analysis: 10 MHz - 7.5 GHz (model RSA507A).
Spectrum analysis: 9 kHz - 13.6 GHz + antenna analysis: 10 MHz - 7.5 GHz (model RSA513A).
Spectrum analysis: 9 kHz - 18 GHz + antenna analysis: 10 MHz - 7.5 GHz (RSA518A model).
Real time capture bandwidth: 40 MHz. Up to 10,000 spectrograms per second.
The minimum duration of an event detected with a probability of 100%: up to 100 µs.
Amplitude: +30 dBm to -151 dBm. Noise: -151 dBm. Built-in preamp.
19 standard measurements for spectrum analysis and pulse signals.
Comprehensive spectrum analysis with the free Tektronix SignalVu-PC software.
Work with the spectrum in real time to search for transients and interference.
Capture streaming data for long-term recording on a computer.
GPS/GLONASS receiver as standard.
20 additional options: tracking generator and antenna analyzer, direction finding, analysis of various types of modulation (AM, FM, PM, OFD, LTE, WLAN, Bluetooth, etc.), pulse measurements, measurement of the frequency and signal phase settling time, etc.
Withstands harsh operating conditions ( Mil-Std 28800 Class 2).
Operating time from built-in battery: 4 hours. Interfaces: USB.
With battery: operating temperature -10°C to +45°C, weight: 2.99 kg or 3.85 kg (depending on model).
Without battery: operating temperature from -10°С to +55°С, weight: 2.54 kg or 3.4 kg (depending on model).

Areas of use:
- basic spectrum analysis both from the air and when directly connected to the source;
- search for sources of interference, including short-term (up to 100 µs) and non-stationary ones;
- installation, maintenance, repair and adjustment of radio transmitting equipment (transmitters, filters, amplifiers, feeders , antennas, etc.).

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Video review of Tektronix RSA500A series

Watch this short video presentation of the latest Spectrum Analyzers and Antenna Feeder Path Tektronix RSA500A. In it you will see the functional and design features of the RSA500A series, as well as several typical applications of these instruments.

A brief video overview of the capabilities of the Tektronix RSA500A spectrum and antenna analyzers.

Tektronix RSA500A analyzers with SignalVu-PC software

With this instrument, you will see things that cannot be seen with a conventional scanning analyzer. The RSA503A, RSA507A, RSA513A, and RSA518A spectrum analyzers with 40 MHz real-time bandwidth and the powerful computing capabilities of SignalVu-PC software allow you to deeply investigate any signal as short as 100 µs. The following screenshot shows WLAN signals (green and orange) as well as Bluetooth test signals as narrowband repeating signals. The spectrogram (upper part of the photo) clearly shows the changes in signals over time, which allows you to clearly distinguish any interfering signals and interference.

Bluetooth signal detection and analysis (narrowband repeating signal) against a strong WLAN signal (green and orange) using a Tektronix RSA500A spectrum analyzer
Detection and analysis of a Bluetooth signal (narrowband repeating signal) against a strong WLAN signal (green and orange) using Tektronix RSA500A analyzers.

Types of measurements (standard and paid) of the SignalVu-PC program

Tektronix RSA Series Spectrum Analyzers (RSA500A, RSA306B etc.) are supplied with the control program SignalVu-PC which is installed on the computer. As standard, the SignalVu-PC software can perform more than fifteen types of typical measurements. But by purchasing additional options, the measurement capabilities of the SignalVu-PC program can be greatly expanded.

This video, using the Tektronix RSA306B analyzer as an example, shows which types of measurements are included as standard with SignalVu-PC, and which can be purchased as an option. For a detailed description of the SignalVu-PC program, see below on this page in the section Documentation.

Demonstration of all kinds of measurements of the SignalVu-PC software.

Detection of illegal signals using patterns

To detect illegal signals, you can use the mode of automatic comparison of the waveform with a given pattern (mask). When the signal goes beyond the pattern, the RSA500A spectrum analyzer can automatically save the measurement result or beep. In the figure below, the signal went out of the set pattern in the area marked with red vertical stripes, and a screen shot was automatically saved.

The spectrum of the signal can be continuously recorded in the computer's memory, so that in the future it would be possible to analyze in detail the moments at which the violation was recorded. Template measurements are well suited for long-term automatic monitoring of disturbances in the radio spectrum without the presence of an operator, as well as for the final control of radio devices during production or after repair.

The signal went beyond the set pattern in the area marked with red vertical stripes, and a screen shot was automatically saved.
The signal went beyond the set pattern in the area marked with red vertical stripes. The screenshot was automatically saved.

This PDF documentation contains the most comprehensive description of the Tektronix RSA500A series spectrum analyzers, their specifications and modes of operation:

Tektronix RSA500A series spectrum analyzer description (in English) (36 pages; 2 MB)

Tektronix SignalVu-PC signal analysis software description (in English) (30 pages; 2 MB)

Tektronix SignalVu-PC user guide (in English) (944 pages; 40 MB)

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