How to buy equipment cheaper. Discounts, special prices, demo and used appliances

How to buy equipment cheaper than the standard price: discounts, special prices, discounted demos and used devices


Brief introduction

The issue of reducing the purchase price is always relevant, because the purchase of equipment is always a compromise between performance and cost. It often happens that after long hours spent studying models, comparing their characteristics and reading reviews, you have finally identified a set of equipment that is exactly right for you. We asked for a price from suppliers and suddenly it turned out that there was simply not enough money for what you chose. What to do? Refuse to buy? Change the specification after spending hours of searching? Buy something cheap and incomprehensible?

First you need to find out what discounts and special offers the supplier can provide. Moreover, equipment manufacturers themselves often support discount programs, for example, for educational institutions, as well as various promotions (about the release of a new model, the end of the financial year, etc.). In this article, we will talk about how you can buy measuring equipment and other equipment at Tehencom LLC. cheaper than standard price. There are several possibilities for this that you should be aware of.


Discount when placing an order

There is inexpensive, simple equipment that does not qualify for discounts, such as: battery Fujikura BTR-08 or cleaver Fujikura CT-30A. Such equipment is sold in a standard kit at a standard price.

However, more expensive and complex equipment, such as spectrum analyzer Anritsu MS2712E is completed personally for each customer and, as a rule, includes additional options and various accessories. For such goods possible and necessary calculate an additional discount for a specific package. The final price will be lower than the simple sum of all items from the price list. The discount for many configurations can be in the range of 2% - 10%, and for complex, expensive configurations (for example, vector analyzer Anritsu MS4640B) can be up to 20% or more.

What determines the size of this discount? It depends on the specific configuration and the time of placing the order. We need to agree exact list what will be purchased and month in which the purchase is planned. According to these data, we will be able to quickly receive an individual discount from the manufacturer and inform you about it.

According to our experience: from the manufacturer Anritsu the discount when you place an order is good, Tektronix and EXFO smaller, and Fujikura, ITECH and Aaronia quite small. For other manufacturers, it all depends on the configuration for which you need to get a discount.


Discount when buying multiple devices

If you buy not one device, but several, for example 5 oscilloscopes or 3 laboratory power supply, then the price for such orders will be lower. Usually by 2% - 5%, but for some types of equipment it can go up to 10% - 20%. When you plan to purchase a batch of devices, be sure to notify our managers so that in the commercial offer you will be given a reduced price for the batch.

A similar situation occurs when buying two different types of devices with one order. For example welder+reflectometer or oscilloscope +function generator. The price will be better than if you buy separately.


Promotions of manufacturers for new and promising models

Equipment manufacturers very interested in the rapid entry into the market of new models. It is considered optimal if no more than 3 months pass from the moment a new model is announced to its active sale. Most distributors just advertise new items, but serious manufacturers of new and promising models arrange very good promotions that are valid for a limited time, but provide very large discounts.

Two examples of such stocks:

1. A series of oscilloscopes Tektronix MDO3000 for which it was possible to get the option of a built-in spectrum analyzer up to 3 GHz and a protocol analyzer (I2C, SPI, RS-232/422/485/UART, USB, CAN, LIN, etc.) for FREE. The savings on the set was more than 60%.

2. A series of optical reflectometers Anritsu MT9083x2 for which there was a time-limited price reduction of more than 30%.

If the equipment you are planning to buy has a similar promotion, then you can save very well. But we must remember that these promotions are valid for a limited time and have time to place an order before they end.


Discount for educational institutions

Equipment manufacturers that have been working successfully for a long time are interested in long-term planning and development of their trademark for years to come. Therefore, they strongly encourage the use of their products in the educational process. Including good discounts. For example, manufacturers Anritsu, Tektronix, EXFO and others are ready to reduce the price for educational institutions by 20% - 30%.

To receive an educational discount, you must provide a document stating that the purchased equipment will be used in the educational process. Usually this is the original letter on letterhead with the seal and signature of the rector or director of the educational institution. We ourselves will coordinate with the equipment manufacturer all other details and inform you of the result.


Renovation of the warehouse LLC "Tehencom"

To speed up deliveries, we keep a certain number of popular types of equipment (oscilloscopes, fiber splicers, reflectometers, etc.) in our warehouse. The warehouse is constantly updated and those products, since the release of which more than a year has passed, we usually sell with a small discount. The item is brand new. Such positions in our commercial offers are clearly marked with the date of issue and the presence of a discount (usually 5% - 10%).


Demonstration and exhibition samples

Equipment that was bought specifically for display on our exhibitions, seminars and specialized events, as well as for demonstration in our office, after a certain time it is offered for sale with a 10% - 30% discount. We call all such devices DEMO-devices. They often contain many installed options, as they were intended to showcase the full capabilities of a particular model or series.

DEMO devices are always in very good condition and complete. The factory calibration certificate, of course, is more than a year old, but if necessary, a fresh calibration certificate can be obtained from the Ukrainian center of metrology. The advantages of DEMO devices include the fact that some of the options that are installed in them are offered for FREE. In our DEMO commercial offers, appliances are clearly marked with the date of issue and the availability of a discount.


Used (used) equipment

There are three types of used equipment (indicated as the quality deteriorates):

1. Factory used. On the websites of manufacturing companies, it is called Refurbished (rifobisht). It compares favorably with the fact that the manufacturer himself checks the quality of such devices according to factory methods and calibrates them according to all the rules in his own calibration laboratory. You get a virtually new device with a factory warranty, but with a 20% - 50% discount. This is a very good option when you need to save money, but it is not a fact that the manufacturer will have exactly the equipment that you need in the offer.

2. Proven used with 1 year warranty. We offer this type of equipment to customers when the purchase budget is several times less than the price of the configuration they are interested in. For example, a new oscilloscope with a 6 GHz band costs more than $70,000, and the price of a tested used one with a guarantee starts at $20,000. We ourselves guarantee the operation of such equipment, and in case of problems with the device, the customer has an agreement in which our warranty obligations, and we solve all issues ourselves.

3. Used without warranty or with a limited warranty offered by various online auctions. We do not offer such equipment ourselves and do not recommend it to others, since there is no way to control its characteristics, you cannot get warranty service and there is no way to check the legality of ownership (for the resale of stolen equipment).


Assistance in the selection of equipment at the best price

This article details the main ways to reduce the cost of purchasing measuring equipment and equipment. You can independently make a complete set using the materials of our site, but it is better send us a request in advance on Email with a description of the technical requirements and call us to briefly discuss your task. We have more than 20 years of practical supply experience and we can immediately answer many questions about models, options, terms, prices and discounts. This will save your time and money.