Fujikura BTR-08 rechargeable battery for Fujikura FSM-60S devices

Fujikura BTR-08 rechargeable battery for Fujikura FSM-60S devices

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Accumulator battery Fujikura BTR-08 used for autonomous power supply of welding machines FSM-60S, FSM-18S, FSM-60R, FSM-18R. Depending on the model of the welding machine, the BTR-08 battery provides up to 160 heat shrink welding cycles.

Main characteristics:
Battery type: NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride).
Capacity: 4 Ah. Service life: 500 charge/discharge cycles.
Operating temperature range: from -10°С to +50°С. Weight: 0.77 kg.
Charger: AC adapter ADC-13 together with power cord DCC-14.
Up to 160 weld/shrink cycles per charge.


Installing a Fujikura BTR-08 battery in a welding machine FSM-60S

Installing the Fujikura BTR-08 battery in the FSM-60S welding machine


Fujikura BTR-08 battery level indicator

Fujikura BTR-08 battery level indicator


Charging the BTR-08 Battery Using the Power Supply ADC-13 and cord DCC-14

Charging the BTR-08 Battery with the ADC-13 AC Adapter and DCC-14 Cord

Note: Connecting the power supply ADC-13 to the BTR-08 battery is carried out using a special cord DCC-14. While charging, the BTR-08 battery may be in a working welding machine. Thus, it is possible to splice fibers and charge the battery at the same time.


Fujikura BTR-08 Battery Specifications

Fujikura BTR-08 Battery Specifications

Note A: To ensure the long life of any NiMH battery, it is recommended to perform a full charge-discharge cycle once every few months. For this, a special item is provided in the menu of the welding machine. It is recommended to fully charge the battery before storing it for a long time. Do not store batteries in a discharged state! Storing discharged batteries will significantly shorten their life.

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