Detachable Fujikura FH-60 Optical Fiber Holders for Fujikura Machines

Detachable Fujikura FH-60 Optical Fiber Holders for Fujikura Machines

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Designed to transfer the cleaved fiber from the cleaver to the splicer together with the holder, while accurately maintaining the length of the cleavage. Available in 6 models:
- FH-60-250 (for bare fiber 0.25 mm)
- FH-60-900 (for pigtails with 0.9 mm sheath)
- FH-FC-20 (for patch cords in 2 mm sheath)
- FH-FC-30 (for patch cords in 3 mm sheath)
- FH-60-LT900 (for pigtails in free buffer 0.9 mm)
- FH-60-DC250 (for 0.25 mm bare fiber with DropCable jacket)
Can be used with cleavers: CT-30A and CT-06A, as well as devices: Fujikura 80S, 62S, 22S, 21S, 19S, 12S, FSM-60S, FSM-18S and FSM-11S.
Convenient work with fibers in any casing


Questions and answers

Question: Why do we need Fujikura FH-60 Series Detachable Fiber Holders? In what cases does it make sense to use them? What benefits do they provide?

Answer: Removable holders are used as follows: the stripped fiber is clamped in the holder, then the holder is installed in the cleaver, the fiber is cleaved, the cleaved fiber together with the holder is transferred to the welding machine, we do the same with the second fiber, after that we weld. For different types of fiber sheath (bare fiber, pigtail, patch cord, drop cable), different holder models are used. The main advantage of removable holders is the exact preservation of the cleavage length when transferring the fiber from the cleaver to the apparatus (no need to aim when inserting the fiber into the apparatus). This is convenient for beginners who have not yet mastered how to quickly and accurately install fibers into the machine. In addition, removable holders are used when terminating an optical cable using Fujikura FuseConnect weldable connectors.


Description of detachable fiber holders Fujikura FH-60-250, FH-60-900, FH-60-LT900 (1 page; 546 KB)

Fujikura Exclusive Distributor Certificate (1 page; 1 MB)

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