Microrad NHT 3DL EMI Level Meter up to 40 GHz

Microrad NHT3DL EMI Analyzer

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At the end of 2019, the Italian company Microrad released an updated model of a portable meter-analyzer of electromagnetic radiation levels. NHT 3DL. Compared to its predecessor (model NHT 3D), the new analyzer can perform measurements in accordance with directive 2013/35/EU, is compatible with the universal Microrad 33S sensor for electric and magnetic fields in the range from 0 Hz to 1 MHz, is equipped with a large touch screen and supports many other improvements.

Analyzer Microrad NHT 3DL has two main modes of operation: selective mode (selective mode) in the range of 0 Hz - 1 MHz and broadband mode (wide band mode) in the range of 100 kHz - 40 GHz. The device is compatible with a wide range of sensors (more than 10 pcs.) With which you can measure different components of the field (electric and magnetic) at different frequencies. You can download a complete description of all the characteristics of the Microrad NHT 3DL electromagnetic emission level meter-analyzer below on this page in the section Documentation.

Main characteristics:
Frequency: 0 Hz - 40 GHz (depending on the antenna converter)
Measurement of electric and magnetic fields.
Determination of compliance of radiation levels directive 2013/35/EU.
Detection of short signals (5G, radars, etc.), up to 500 ns.
10.9 cm touchscreen (272 x 480 resolution).
Interfaces: USB (standard); Wi-Fi, GPS, optical fiber (option).
Weight: 0.65 kg. Dimensions: 170 x 85 x 31 mm. Working temperature: from -10°С to +50°С.
Detection of biologically hazardous levels of electromagnetic radiation

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The Microrad NHT 3DL Analyzer Meter is a versatile instrument designed for a wide range of applications. It provides a variety of measurement capabilities through a large number of compatible sensors and functional software. Connectivity is versatility with interchangeable communication modules that can be plugged into the analyzer's USB ports to provide Wi-Fi or fiber optic communications, as well as georeferencing measurements using GPS.

This photo shows a Microrad NHT 3DL meter with a Microrad 33S universal sensor connected, which measures electric and magnetic fields from 1 Hz to 1 MHz, as well as a constant magnetic field. To the left of the sensor connector, a removable Wi-Fi converter is connected to the device for communication with a computer, and a removable GPS receiver is connected to the right, which provides accurate georeferencing.

Microrad NHT 3DL analyzer with 33S sensor and detachable adapters for Wi-Fi and GPS
Microrad NHT 3DL analyzer with 33S sensor and detachable adapters for Wi-Fi and GPS.


Compatible Electromagnetic Field Sensors (Probes)

To carry out measurements with the Microrad NHT 3DL analyzer, it is necessary to connect a sensor (antenna converter) to it. About twenty models of compatible sensors are produced, which differ in the frequency range and the component of the electromagnetic field that can be measured with their help. Some sensor models can measure both components (electrical and magnetic). This figure shows some types of sensors with an indication of the operating frequency range.

Microrad NHT 3DL sensor models with operating frequencies and field components
Sensor models with operating frequencies and field components.


In this table, for each electromagnetic field sensor, in addition to the operating frequency range, the measured value range is also indicated in V / m for the electrical component and in T (Tesla) for the magnetic component.

Sensor models for the Microrad NHT 3DL meter with indication of operating frequencies and range of the measured value
Models of sensors indicating the operating frequencies and the range of the measured value.


Structurally, the sensors for the Microrad NHT 3DL meter-analyzer are antenna converters containing one, two or three elements for measuring different components of the electromagnetic field. Such a sensor is connected to the measuring device using a reliable multi-pin connector. As an example, this photo shows several sensors that are compatible with the Microrad NHT 3DL analyzer.

Examples of Microrad sensors compatible with the Microrad NHT 3DL analyzer
Examples of sensors compatible with the Microrad NHT 3DL analyzer.


The capabilities of the Microrad NHT 3DL analyzer vary depending on the type of sensor connected. This photo shows the NHT 3DL screens with three different sensor models.

The leftmost NHT 3DL works with a sensor series 33, which can simultaneously measure the electric and magnetic components of the field. Accordingly, two graphs and two groups of values (peak, average, etc.) are displayed on the screen.

The NHT 3DL device in the center works with a magnetic field sensor series 10. The screen displays comprehensive information about the parameters of the field and its changes over time. Please note that the screen contains measurements for each of the three axes: X, Y and Z.

The NHT 3DL device on the right works with the sensor ER-series, designed for short pulses, including radar. The screen displays the parameters of the electrical component of the field, including individual data on three spatial axes (X, Y and Z), as well as statistical data of the pulse sequence: maximum and minimum pulse duration, plus the measured duty cycle.

Screens of NHT 3DL analyzers when working with three different sensor models
Screens of analyzers NHT 3DL when working with three different models of sensors.


Microrad NHT 3DL Analyzer Specifications

Microrad NHT 3DL Meter Specifications

For a complete list of technical characteristics of the Microrad NHT 3DL electromagnetic emission level meter-analyzer, see below on this page in the section Documentation.


Microrad NHT 3DL analyzer package

Name Short description
Microrad NHT 3DL Meter-analyzer of electromagnetic radiation levels
a plus:
- Protective silicone case
- USB cable
- Software
- User manual in electronic form
- Calibration certificate
- 1 year warranty (can be extended to 3 and 5 years)


Options and accessories for the Microrad NHT 3DL analyzer

The main accessory that must be completed with the NHT 3DL meter is the electromagnetic field sensor. The sensor model defines the meter's frequency range, the level of the measured quantity, and the field component (electrical, magnetic, or both). Brief characteristics of the sensors are given above on this page, and see the details below on this page in the section Documentation.

From additional accessories, the device can be understaffed: a hard carrying case, a GPS receiver, a Wi-Fi module, an optical fiber communication module and an autonomous charger (Power Bank).

This PDF documentation contains the most comprehensive description of the Microrad NHT 3DL EMI Analyzer features, specifications and modes of operation.

Description of the Microrad NHT 3DL analyzer (in English) (8 pages; 2 MB)

Description of electromagnetic field sensors (in English) (32 pages; 5 MB)

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