Loop antenna series for magnetic field up to 400 MHz Aaronia MDF

Aaronia magnetic field loop antennas MDF series: passive models MDF 560 (up to 60 MHz) and MDF 9400 (up to 400 MHz) and active models MDF 930X (up to 30 MHz), MDF 960X (up to 60 MHz) and MDF 50400X (up to 400 MHz) MHz).


Antenna series Aaronia MDF designed to search for magnetic field sources, as well as to measure the parameters of the magnetic field of these sources. The Aaronia MDF series consists of five models: two passive models (without preamp): MDF 560 and MDF 9400, and three active models (with detachable preamp): MDF 930X, MDF 960X and MDF 50400X. The full frequency range covered by the MDF series is from 9 kHz to 400 MHz.

The preamplifier is powered by a built-in battery that provides 3 to 4 hours of continuous operation or from an external USB adapter. Each preamplifier contains a set of its calibration coefficients in non-volatile memory, which can be read via USB. You can download a full description of all the characteristics of the MDF series antennas below on this page in the section Documentation.

Main characteristics:
Frequency: 500 kHz - 60 MHz (passive model MDF 560).
Frequency: 9 kHz - 400 MHz (passive model MDF 9400).
Frequency: 9 kHz - 30 MHz (active model MDF 930X).
Frequency: 9 kHz - 60 MHz (active model MDF 960X).
Frequency: 500 kHz - 400 MHz (active model MDF 50400X).
Detachable preamps: 35dB (MDF 930X), 25dB (MDF 960X) and 40dB (MDF 50400X).
High sensitivity and directivity. Connector: SMA(f).
Dimensions: 180 x 180 x 50 mm (models MDF 560 and MDF 9400).
Dimensions: 180 x 180 x 85 mm (MDF 930X, MDF 960X and MDF 50400X models).
Weight: 0.18 kg or 0.36 kg (depending on model). Working temperature: from -40°С to +60°С.
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Radiation pattern of Aaronia MDF loop antennas

The radiation pattern of the Aaronia MDF series antennas in the horizontal plane is shown in the figure below. Thanks to this pattern and frequency range, the MDF series antennas are ideal for searching for sources of unwanted electromagnetic radiation, including for TBI (technical information security) tasks, as well as for conducting preliminary EMC tests.

The Aaronia MDF series antennas are compatible with any spectrum analyzer or power meter in the appropriate frequency range. And with the help of conversion factors, the measurement results of devices can be presented directly in units of dBA/m.

Typical horizontal radiation pattern of Aaronia MDF loop antennas
Typical radiation pattern of Aaronia MDF loop antennas.

Differences between passive models of Aaronia MDF antennas and active models

Many practical tasks involve the measurement of very weak magnetic fields. In such cases, the presence of a preamplifier can significantly increase the sensitivity of the antenna and make it possible to measure even the weakest signals. There are two purely passive models (MDF 560 and MDF 9400) in the MDF loop antenna series, the side view of which is shown in this photo on the left. Also in the MDF series of antennas there are three active models (MDF 930X, MDF 960X and MDF 50400X), which are equipped with a removable preamplifier. The side view of active antennas is shown on the right in this photo. The preamplifier contains a built-in battery that is charged via USB.

Side view of the passive antenna (left) and active antenna (right) of the Aaronia MDF series
Side view of the passive antenna (left) and active antenna (right) of the Aaronia MDF series.

Transport cases for the safe transport of Aaronia MDF antennas

Any measuring antenna needs careful handling, especially when transporting it. The best way to ensure the safety of the antennas is in special transport cases. Therefore, all active antennas of the Aaronia MDF series are supplied with a waterproof case that contains the antenna itself, the preamplifier, and additional accessories. Passive antennas of the MDF series (models MDF 560 and MDF 9400) are supplied without a case, but it can be ordered separately.

This photo shows the exterior of the Aaronia MDF Loop Antenna Flight Case. Please note that the case has space for two MDF series antennas and two holding handles.

Placement of two antennas of the Aaronia MDF series in a transport case
Placement of two antennas of the Aaronia MDF series in a transport case.

This PDF documentation contains the most comprehensive description of Aaronia's MDF series directional magnetic field antennas, their specifications and modes of operation:

Description of Aaronia MDF loop antennas (in English) (5 pages; 1 MB)

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