Directional antenna series for magnetic field up to 1 MHz Aaronia MagnoTRACKER

Directional active antennas for magnetic field Aaronia MagnoTRACKER series. MagnoTRACKER ELF-2 and ELF-6 models (1 Hz - 9 kHz). Models MagnoTRACKER LF-2 and LF-6 (9 kHz - 1 MHz).

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Antenna series MagnoTRACKER German company Aaronia developed on the basis of a patented technology, which made it possible to repeatedly reduce their weight. At the same time, the sensitivity and directivity of these antennas are at a very high level, which allows you to quickly find sources of even weak magnetic fields. The MagnoTRACKER series consists of four models: two models ELF-2 and ELF-6 with a range of 1 Hz to 9 kHz and two models LF-2 and LF-6 with a range of 9 kHz to 1 MHz. All antennas contain a built-in preamplifier and a battery that provides preamplifier operation for 3 - 4 hours. You can download a full description of all the characteristics of MagnoTRACKER antennas below on this page in the section Documentation.

Main characteristics:
Frequency: 1 Hz - 9 kHz (MagnoTRACKER ELF-2 model).
Frequency: 1 Hz - 9 kHz (MagnoTRACKER ELF-6 model).
Frequency: 9 kHz - 1 MHz (MagnoTRACKER LF-2 model).
Frequency: 9 kHz - 1 MHz (MagnoTRACKER LF-6 model).
Built-in preamplifier: 25dB typical, 35dB optional.
The LF-2 and LF-6 models allow selective frequency tuning.
Very high sensitivity and directivity with minimal weight.
Connector: SMA(f). Operating time from the built-in LiPo accumulator: 3 – 4 hours.
Dimensions: 260 x 320 x 110 mm (models ELF-2 and LF-2).
Dimensions: 660 x 320 x 110 mm (models ELF-6 and LF-6).
Weight: from 3 to 9 kg (depending on the model). Working temperature: from -20°С to +60°С.
The Ideal Antenna for Finding Ultra-Low Frequency Sources

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Main elements of Aaronia MagnoTRACKER antennas

This photo shows the antenna output connector, a yellow SMA(f) coaxial connector with a nominal impedance of 50 ohms. To the left of the connector is a power on/off button for the built-in preamp and a corresponding red LED indicator. To the right of the connector is a socket for connecting the built-in LiPo battery charger and the corresponding red LED indicator.

Output connector, preamp button and Aaronia MagnoTRACKER active antenna charging socket
Output connector, preamp switch and Aaronia MagnoTRACKER charging socket.


This photo shows a set of controls that can be used to change the frequency selectivity of the LF-2 and LF-6 MagnoTRACKER series antennas. This feature allows you to select the signal of interest, significantly weakening the rest of the signals. This is an indispensable feature when working in a complex environment with a significant level of interference. The 16 position central knob is designed for precise adjustment. Please note that the ELF-2 and ELF-6 antenna models do not have this feature.

Aaronia MagnoTRACKER Antenna Frequency Selectivity Controls LF-2 and LF-6
Frequency selectivity adjusters for LF-2 and LF-6 antennas of the Aaronia MagnoTRACKER series.


Transport cases for the safe transport of Aaronia MagnoTRACKER antennas

Ensuring the convenience and safety of transportation of measuring antennas is important. That's why every Aaronia MagnoTRACKER antenna comes in a handy transport case that protects the antenna from damage and allows you to store additional accessories. Since the dimensions of the LF-2 and LF-6 antennas are significantly different from the ELF-2 and ELF-6 antennas, they are supplied in different cases. This photo shows the exterior of the flight case for the Aaronia MagnoTRACKER LF-2 and LF-6 antenna models.

Placement of the Aaronia MagnoTRACKER LF-2 and LF-6 antennas in the transport case
Placement of the Aaronia MagnoTRACKER LF-2 and LF-6 antennas in the transport case.


And this photo shows the appearance of the transport case for the Aaronia MagnoTRACKER ELF-2 and ELF-6 antenna models. The dimensions of these antenna modifications are: 660 x 320 x 110 mm.

Placement of the Aaronia MagnoTRACKER ELF-2 and ELF-6 antennas in the transport case
Placement of the Aaronia MagnoTRACKER ELF-2 and ELF-6 antennas in the transport case.

This PDF documentation contains the most comprehensive description of the Aaronia MagnoTRACKER series active directional magnetic field antennas, their technical characteristics and modes of operation:

Description of Aaronia MagnoTRACKER ELF-2, LF-2, ELF-6 and LF-6 antennas (in English) (11 pages; 1 MB)

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