Keithley 2230 linear laboratory power supply series with galvanic isolation

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Keithley 2230 linear isolated power supply series

Brief description of the series

Keithley 2230 is a series of quality transformer (linear) laboratory power supplies with three galvanically isolated channels. The series consists of 7 models that differ from each other in output power and a set of built-in interfaces for connecting to a computer. One model (2231A-30-3) has no interfaces at all, due to which it is the cheapest. Three models have USB and RS-232 interfaces. And three models (which have the letter G in their names) have an additional GPIB interface (IEEE-488.2).

Also, the series models differ in output voltage (30 or 60 Volts) and current (3 or 6 Amperes). For detailed differences between the series models, see the interactive table. A full description of all the characteristics, as well as a driver for LabVIEW and an IVI driver for MATLAB can be downloaded below on this page in the Documentation section.

All models of the series

The Keithley 2230 series consists of seven models, which are presented in this interactive table. You can sort by any of the characteristics by simply clicking on its name in the table. To see all the characteristics of certain models, add them to the comparison.

Main characteristics of Keithley 2230 series models
Maximum output power (DC)
Maximum output voltage (DC)
Maximum output current (DC)
Number of channels (DC)
Voltage resolution (DC)
Current resolution (DC)
Operating principle
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195 W 30 V 3 A 3 10 mV 1 mA Linear 7.1 kg
195 W 30 V 3 A 3 1 mV 1 mA Linear 9.6 kg
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375 W 30 V 6 A 3 1 mV 1 mA Linear 11.1 kg
375 W 60 V 3 A 3 1 mV 1 mA Linear 11.1 kg
Recommended replacement: Keithley 2230-30-3
195 W 30 V 3 A 3 1 mV 1 mA Linear 9.6 kg
Recommended replacement: Keithley 2230-30-6
375 W 30 V 6 A 3 1 mV 1 mA Linear 11.1 kg
Recommended replacement: Keithley 2230-60-3
375 W 60 V 3 A 3 1 mV 1 mA Linear 11.1 kg

Maximum functionality with three-channel models

Electronic devices often contain assemblies that have isolated ground pins. For example, in medical equipment, elements connected to a person must be isolated from the main circuit. Also, electrically isolated hardware modules are used in data transmission systems over long distances, high-precision sensors, information collection systems in very noisy conditions, various systems with ADC and DAC, and many other cases.

The figure below shows an example of using the galvanically isolated channels of the Keithley 2230-30-3 model to supply power to two independent pieces of electronic equipment, which may be necessary when developing, configuring or repairing it. For more information about galvanic isolation of laboratory power supply channels, see here.

Example of using a power supply Keithley 2230-30-3 from 2230 series
An example of using a Keithley 2230 series isolated transformer power supply powering two independent circuits.

Classic functionality brought to perfection

Over the years of designing and manufacturing laboratory power supplies, Keithley has perfected their design. The Keithley 2230 series models have all the features you need for professional work. This photo shows three models with different combinations of output current and voltage.

Three Keithley 2230 series isolated power supplies
Three linear (transformer) power supplies of the Keithley 2230 series with galvanically isolated channels.

Informative, bright display

When working with a three-channel power supply, it is very important to simultaneously see the current values of voltage and current on all channels at once. The display of all models of the Keithley 2230 series is very informative. In addition to indicating the current values for all outputs, it displays service information: in the photo below, the "Para" value in the second channel means that the first and second channels work in parallel to increase the output current.

Keithley 2230 series transformer power supply display
The display of the Keithley 2230 series instruments simultaneously displays the current values ​​of the output voltage and current on all three channels at once.

Connecting power supplies to a computer

If it is necessary to connect 2230 series power supplies to a computer, this can be easily done using a standard USB interface, which is in every device (except for model 2231A-30-3), or an RS-232 interface. And models with index G, in addition to standard USB and RS-232 interfaces, also contain a GPIB (IEEE-488.2) interface. Driver for Labview and IVI driver for MATLAB can be downloaded below on this page in the Documentation section.

The photos below show two types of rear panel: without GPIB (IEEE-488.2) interface and with this interface (models with index G).

Rear view of linear power supplies Keithley 2230 without IEEE-488
Rear view of a Keithley 2230 series isolated linear power supplies that do not include a GPIB interface (IEEE-488.2).
Rear view of transformer power supplies Keithley 2230G with IEEE-488
Rear view of a Keithley 2230 series isolated linear power supplies that include an optional GPIB (IEEE-488.2) interface.

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