Tektronix PWS4000 current and voltage regulated laboratory power supply series

Tektronix PWS4000 Voltage Regulated Power Supply Series

Brief description of the series

When it comes to powering sensitive, low-noise circuits (sensors, ADCs, DACs, audio devices), it is best to use transformer-based laboratory power supplies with precise current and voltage regulation. Tektronix has the best series of such regulated power supplies, the PWS4000. Devices of this series provide voltage regulation in steps of 1 mV at the level of output voltage ripple and noise of no more than 1 mV RMS.

The Tektronix PWS4000 series includes 5 models of regulated power supplies with various combinations of output voltage (up to 60 V) and current (up to 5 A). The maximum output power, depending on the model, ranges from 86 to 150 Watts. Also, the features of this series include the ability to compensate for voltage drops in the connection wires and the presence of a USB interface for remote control of the power supply. For detailed differences between the series models, see the interactive table. A full description of all the characteristics can be downloaded below on this page in the Documentation section.

All models of the series

The Tektronix PWS4000 series consists of five models, which are presented in this interactive table. You can sort by any of the characteristics by simply clicking on its name in the table. To see all the characteristics of certain models, add them to the comparison.

Main characteristics of Tektronix PWS4000 series models
Maximum output power (DC)
Maximum output voltage (DC)
Maximum output current (DC)
Number of channels (DC)
Voltage resolution (DC)
Current resolution (DC)
Operating principle
100 W 20 V 5 A 1 1 mV 0.1 mA Linear 7.3 kg
150 W 30 V 5 A 1 1 mV 0.1 mA Linear 7.3 kg
96 W 32 V 3 A 1 1 mV 0.1 mA Linear 7.3 kg
150 W 60 V 2.5 A 1 1 mV 0.1 mA Linear 7 kg
86 W 72 V 1.2 A 1 1 mV 0.1 mA Linear 7.3 kg

Maximum possibilities

Thanks to a large transformer and a quality linear (not pulsed) output voltage stabilization stage, the Tektronix PWS4000 series instruments are powerful, versatile and efficient. The basic error for DC voltage is 0.03%. The basic DC error is 0.05%. Voltage and current can be adjusted with a resolution of up to 1 mV / 0.1 mA.

The display simultaneously shows the current values of the output voltage and current, as well as the voltage and current limits. And all this is complemented by traditional Tektronix reliability.

Typical voltage regulated power supply of the Tektronix PWS4000 series
Typical regulated voltage and current power supply of the Tektronix PWS4000 series.

Please note that Tektronix also has a less functional PWS2000 series of transformer regulated power supplies without the ability to compensate for the voltage drop in the connection wires and without the USB interface. This series has the same high-quality output voltage stabilization stage, but the price is lower.

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