ITECH IT5100 battery and cell tester series

ITECH Battery and Cell Testers IT5100 Series (Models: IT5101 and IT5101E)

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ITECH IT5100 is a series of testers for accumulators and electric batteries (galvanic cells). The IT5100 series testers provide a very fast and accurate measurement of the voltage and internal resistance of a power supply cell, which makes it possible to assess its current condition and degree of wear. The resolution of resistance measurement reaches 0.1 μΩ, and voltage 10 μV.

The series consists of two models: IT5101 and IT5101E, which are completely identical, except that the IT5101 model has a wider resistance measurement range (from 150 µΩ to 3 kΩ). Both models support four-wire measurement, which eliminates the influence of connection wires on the result. The IT5100 Series is ideal for testing small 3mΩ batteries up to large 3kΩ industrial batteries. You can download a full description of all the characteristics below on this page in the section Documentation.

Main characteristics:
Voltage measurement range: 10 µV to 300 V.
Resistance measurement range: 150 µΩ to 3 kΩ (Model IT5101).
Resistance measurement range: 15 mΩ to 3 Ω (model IT5101E).
Support for all types of batteries and galvanic cells.
Simultaneous measurement of voltage and resistance (up to 125 per second).
Accurate 4-wire measurements. Function pass/fail.
Statistical processing and storage of results.
10.9 cm color screen (480 x 272 resolution).
Interfaces: USB, Ethernet (LAN), IEEE-488.2 (GPIB).
Weight: 2.4 kg. Dimensions: 384 x 230 x 105 mm. Working temperature: from +5°С to +40°С.
Checking batteries during production, storage and operation

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The wide measurement range and versatility make the ITECH IT5100 series the ideal choice for inspecting and sorting a wide variety of power supplies. But the applications of the IT5100 series are not limited to batteries and accumulators. The IT5101 and IT5101E testers can be used in any application that requires accurate measurement of resistance and voltage, such as contact resistance measurement, effective series resistance (ESR) measurement, etc. These instruments can be successfully used in research and development (R&D), high-speed testing in production or for validation in service.

Application examples of testers of the ITECH IT5100 series:
- testing of high-voltage (up to 300 V) batteries of electric machines;
- checking capacious batteries with low internal resistance;
- high-speed testing during mass production of batteries and accumulators;
- checking the batteries of uninterruptible power supply devices;
- checking the current state and remaining resource of alkaline and acid-lead elements;
- various tests of contact resistance;
- measurement of effective series resistance (ESR).

Tester of batteries and galvanic cells ITECH IT5101 and its areas of application
Tester of batteries and galvanic cells ITECH IT5101 and its scope.

Statistical processing of measurement results, data transfer and storage

ITECH IT5100 series battery and cell testers can perform statistical data processing obtained during the measurements. The results can be presented in tabular form, in statistical form (mean and standard deviation), as well as in the form of a graph of the distribution of measurement results.

On the front panel of the device there is a USB connector for connecting an external storage device (flash drive or disk). With it, you can quickly transfer measurement results to a computer in .csv format, as well as upload custom measurement settings to the device (up to 126 settings). The photo below shows examples of the measurement results of the ITECH IT5100 testers.

Examples of measurement results for ITECH IT5100 battery and cell testers
Examples of measurement results of ITECH IT5100 battery and galvanic cell testers.

The design of ITECH testers of the IT5100 series

The ITECH IT5100 series instruments are made in a classic case, which is conveniently placed on a laboratory bench. A folding handle is provided for carrying the tester. The side view of the ITECH IT5100 series case is shown in this photo.

ITECH IT5100 Series Testers (Models: IT5101 and IT5101E) - Side View
Testers of the ITECH IT5100 series - side view.


Testers of the ITECH IT5100 series are standardly equipped with popular interfaces for connecting to a computer: USB, Ethernet (LAN), IEEE-488.2 (GPIB). The RS-232 interface can be installed by special order. The standard protocol for data exchange with measuring instruments is supported: SCPI. It is also possible to control IT5100 testers using external discrete signals (separate EXT-I/O connector). The general arrangement of the rear panel elements is shown in this photo.

Back panel view of ITECH IT5100 series testers
Rear view of the ITECH IT5100 series testers. Click on the photo to enlarge.

Specifications for ITECH IT5100 Series Power Cell Testers

Specifications for ITECH IT5100 Series Power Cell Testers

For a complete list of technical characteristics of ITECH IT5100 series chemical cell testers, see below on this page in the section Documentation.

ITECH IT5100 battery and cell tester delivery set

Name Short description
ITECH IT5101 Battery and galvanic cells tester with resistance measurement range from 150 µOhm to 3 kOhm.
ITECH IT5101E Tester of accumulators and galvanic elements with resistance measurement range from 15 mOhm to 3 Ohm.
- Power cable
- CD with documentation
- Calibration certificate
- 1 year warranty (can be extended to 3 and 5 years)

Options and accessories for battery and cell testers ITECH IT5100

The ITECH IT5100 series battery and cell testers can be equipped with the following additional accessories:
- IT-E601 (connection wires, pin tip)
- IT-E602 (connection wires, crocodile tip)
- IT-E603 (connection wires, pin lug (type 2))
- IT-E604 (connection wires, several types of tips)
- IT-E605 (adapter for zeroing the initial readings of the device)

The photo below shows the appearance of these accessories. For a complete list of options and accessories with a detailed description, see this page in the section Documentation.

Accessories for ITECH IT5101 and IT5101E Battery and Cell Testers
Accessories for ITECH IT5101 and IT5101E battery and cell testers.

This PDF documentation contains the most comprehensive description of the ITECH IT5100 series battery and cell testers, their technical characteristics and modes of operation.

Description of ITECH IT5101 and IT5101E testers (in English) (8 pages; 5 MB)

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