Tektronix TPS2000B Isolated Oscilloscope Series up to 200 MHz

Tektronix TPS2000B Series 100MHz to 200MHz Isolated Input Oscilloscopes, 2 and 4 Channels (Models: TPS2012B, TPS2014B, TPS2024B)

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Oscilloscope Series Tektronix TPS2000B provide a wide range of functions and have a familiar design of controls and menus. TPS2000B series oscilloscopes are available in 2 and 4 channel options (models TPS2012B, TPS2014B, TPS2024B). Technology IsolatedChannel provides isolation from ground circuits and between channels, allowing you to perform measurements without worrying about damaging instrument circuits. Due to the fact that the standard models implemented battery powered, the devices of this series are optimally suited for field use. For work with power electronics, you can use additional software that extends the capabilities of the oscilloscope to measure the most common parameters of power systems. This speeds up power quality analysis and troubleshooting. You can download a full description of all the characteristics below on this page in the section Documentation.

Areas of use:
- design, installation and maintenance of industrial power systems and their repair
- design, installation and maintenance of complex electronic systems and their repair
- development and testing of automotive circuits
- training

Tektronix TPS2000B Series Key Features:
100 MHz, 1 GS/s, 2 channels (Tektronix TPS2012B model).
100 MHz, 1 GS/s, 4 channels (Tektronix TPS2014B model).
200 MHz, 2 GS/s, 4 channels (Tektronix TPS2024B model).
Record length: 2.5k points to the channel. Vertical resolution: 8 pages.
Sensitivity: 2 mV/div to 5 V/div with calibrated fine tuning.
All input channels are electrically isolated from each other.
Analysis software module for working with power electronics (option TPS2PWR1).
11 automatic measurements, FFT analysis (FFT), mathematical signal processing, cursor measurements, mask measurement, context help, Russian interface.
Possibility of supply up to 8 hours from built-in battery (option TPSBAT).
Interfaces: RS-232, CompactFlash. Weight: 2.7 kg. (with two batteries 3.7 kg.).
Portability, isolated inputs and self-powered

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Unintentional circuit grounding during measurements is a common cause of degraded results and damage to circuits themselves. Connecting two or more grounded probes can cause ground loops. If the amperage is high enough, this can cause damage to components and equipment. It is especially important to use the proper tools and probes when making measurements that are isolated from ground circuits. Failure to comply with this condition may pose a danger to life and health.

Technology IsolatedChannel Tektronix is used to simplify measurements with isolation from ground circuits. Unlike ground-referenced oscilloscopes, the TPS2000B model's input connector shells are isolated from each other and from the ground rail. Within 600 Vrms when measured isolated from ground circuits, IsolatedChannel technology prevents current from flowing between the TPS2000B BNC input connectors, and between any BNC connector and ground.

Tektronix TPS2000B Series oscilloscopes have up to four IsolatedChannel input channels and an isolated external clock source for fast, accurate, and low-cost differential and ground isolation measurements

Four IsolatedChannel input channels and an isolated external clock source for fast, accurate, and low-cost differential and ground isolation measurements

Tektronix TPS2000B Series Oscilloscopes Deliver Maximum Safe Input Signal and Voltage Levels in Ground-Isolated Measurements

Maximum safe input signal and voltage levels when measuring with isolation from ground circuits

Different types of passive probes are available depending on the application. The included TPP0201 passive probes allow the TPS2000B oscilloscope to make voltage measurements up to 400 V peak-to-peak. However, to meet the TPP0201 safety specifications, the tip of the probe must remain at no more than 30 V RMS with respect to ground.

For this reason, the TPP0201 is ideal for use with digital and analog circuits that never exceed 30 Vrms. Measurements in electronic power converters typically require probes with higher voltage specifications. Tektronix offers two passive isolated probes specifically designed for groundless measurements. The optional P5122 probes connected to the TPS2000B are suitable for measuring 480 Vrms in Category 2 environments with the highest floating point voltage up to 600 Vrms with respect to ground. With the optional P5120 probe, the TPS2000B Series oscilloscopes can measure up to 800V peak-to-peak with a maximum of 600V RMS against ground. The P5120 probes are best suited for ac-coupled ripple measurements on high-voltage dc supplies.

Selection of probes for TPS2012B, TPS2014B, TPS2024B oscilloscopes depending on the type of work


Tektronix TPS2012B, TPS2014B, TPS2024B Oscilloscope Features and Benefits

- 100 MHz and 200 MHz bandwidth
- Up to 2 GS/s real-time sampling rate
- 2 or 4 fully isolated floating channels plus isolated external clock
- 8 hours of continuous operation with two hot-swappable batteries installed - Complete independence from the mains
- Optional powerful software with the widest range of power system measurements
- Fast documentation and analysis of measurement results using OpenChoice software or built-in CompactFlash mass storage
- FFT is a standard feature on all models
- advanced synchronization for real-time event logging
- traditional "analogue" style controls and multilingual user interface make it easy to operate the device
- fast setup and measurement with autorange, waveform and settings memory, context-sensitive help system
- backlit menu buttons provide good visibility into critical automated waveform measurements

Easily correlate bench, lab, and field measurements with the TPS2000B Series oscilloscopes

Easily correlate bench, lab, and field measurements with the TPS2000B Series oscilloscopes

Hot-swappable batteries in the TPS2000B series provide complete independence from the AC power supply

Hot-swappable batteries in the TPS2000B series provide complete independence from the AC power supply


Accelerating the design and testing of industrial systems and power circuits

Power conversion technology has enabled significant advances in the size, performance and energy efficiency of devices ranging from mobile phones to industrial motors. However, even the simplest task of viewing the input and output values of the converters is complicated by the presence of several reference voltage sources. The presence of several reference voltage sources also complicates the task of simultaneously viewing the signals of control and power circuits. Use of ground-to-ground oscilloscopes without proper differential probes can result in electrical damage and measurement errors in such cases.

The TPS2000B series oscilloscopes can be used with optional software (option TPS2PWR1) to measure power systems. This entry-level software provides power measurement capabilities directly on the oscilloscope.

The power measurement software adds important features to the TPS2000B series, covering auto-switching loss, dv/dt measurements, and di/dt cursor measurements. For AC voltage measurements and distribution system impact studies, the power measurement software displays up to 50 signal harmonics and provides phase, reactive power, and power factor measurements. The TPS2014B and TPS2024B four-channel oscilloscopes allow you to view three-phase voltages and currents.

With TPS2000B oscilloscopes, you can measure the characteristics of three-phase power systems of variable frequency drives

Perform measurements on 3-phase VFD power systems

With TPS2000B oscilloscopes, you can perform harmonic distortion measurements using the TPS2PWR1 software

Perform harmonic distortion measurements with TPS2PWR1 software

Two power measurement kits are available, including probes and measurement software. Each kit includes four probes and TPS2PWR1 software, the price of the kit is less than the total price of its parts.

The TPS2PBND kit combines four P5120 20X passive high voltage probes and the TPS2PWR1 power measurement software. The TPS2PBND2 kit combines four P5122 100X passive high voltage probes and power measurement software.


Easy analysis and documentation of measurement results

With the TPS2000B series digital real-time sampling technology (DRT), you can characterize different types of signals on up to four channels simultaneously. This data acquisition technology captures high frequency components, such as spikes and edge anomalies, that other oscilloscopes in their class can't, so you can be sure you're getting an accurate representation of the signal you're measuring.

With frequency spectrum analysis based on the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) function of the TPS2000B Series oscilloscopes, you can easily detect hum, crosstalk, and signal distortion caused by vibration. Documentation of measurement results is simplified by the built-in CompactFlash high-capacity storage device.

The included OpenChoice PC software provides signal acquisition, storage and analysis of measurement results. Each model of the TPS2000B series comes with a free copy of a special edition of National Instrument's LabVIEW SignalExpress software to provide basic analysis, data logging, and instrument control. Optionally, a full version of SignalExpress software is available with over 200 features that cover advanced signal processing, advanced analysis, sweep, limit testing, and user-configurable stepping capabilities.

Tektronix TDS2000C Series oscilloscopes capture glitches - for the first time with real-time digital sampling technology (DRT)

Recording narrow emissions - for the first time with real-time digital sampling technology (DRT)

Tektronix TDS2000C Series oscilloscopes provide fast measurement documentation and analysis with OpenChoice software and built-in CompactFlash mass storage

Fast documentation and analysis of measurement results with OpenChoice software and built-in CompactFlash mass storage device


TPS2000B Series Digital Storage Oscilloscope Specifications

TPS2000B Series Digital Storage Oscilloscope Specifications


Tektronix TPS2000B Series Digital Oscilloscope Package Contents

Name Short description
TPS2012B Digital Storage Oscilloscope, 100 MHz, 2 Channels, 1 GS/s, TFT
or TPS2014B Digital Storage Oscilloscope, 100 MHz, 4 Channels, 1 GS/s, TFT
or TPS2024B Digital Storage Oscilloscope, 200 MHz, 4 Channels, 2 GS/s, TFT
TPP0201 200 MHz passive probe 10X (one per channel)
Battery (1) Lithium-ion battery providing up to 4 hours of operation
OpenChoice PC communication software (provides quick and easy communication between a Windows PC and the TDS2000C via USB, transferring and saving settings, waveforms and screenshots)
SignalExpress National Instruments SignalExpress Tektronix Edition Interactive Measurement Software
- USB to RS-232 cable
- Protective front cover
- Power supply with power cable
- User's manual
- NIM/NIST Calibration Certificate
- 1 year warranty (can be extended to 3 and 5 years)


Options and Accessories for Tektronix TPS2000B Series Digital Oscilloscopes

Name Short description
TPS2PBND2 Power bundle for TPS2000B oscilloscopes. Includes (4) P5122 passive, 100X high-voltage probes and TPS2PWR1 power measurement and analysis software
TPS2PWR1 Power measurements application package. Instantaneous power waveform analysis, waveform analysis, harmonics analysis, switching loss, phase angles, dv/dt and di/dt cursors
SPIRIT WaveStar software; Microsoft Windows application for waveform capture, analysis, documentation, and control from your PC. Provides enhanced oscilloscope data measurement, analysis, remote setup and charting features
TPSBAT Additional battery
TPSCHG Battery charger
AC2100 Soft case for carrying instrument
HCTEK4321 Hard case for carrying instrument (requires AC2100)
343-1689-xx Versatile hanger
071-1465-xx Service Manual – English only
077-0444-xx Programmer Manual – English only
A621 2000 A, 5-50 kHz AC current probe/BNC
A622 100 A, 100 kHz AC/DC current probe/BNC
P5122 200 MHz passive 100X high-voltage probe
P5205A High-voltage active differential probe (1300 Vp-p, 100 MHz) (1103 power supply required)
P5210A High-voltage active differential probe (5600 Vp-p, 50 MHz) (1103 power supply required)
CT2 2.5 A, 200 MHz AC current probe
TCP202 15 A, 50 MHz AC/DC current probe (1103 power supply required)
TCP303/TCPA300 150 A, 15 MHz AC/DC current probe/amplifer
TCP305/TCPA300 50 A, 50 MHz AC/DC current probe/amplifer
TCP312/TCPA300 30 A, 100 MHz, DC/AC current probe/amplifer
TCP404XL/TCPA400 500 A, 2 MHz AC/DC current probe/amplifer

This PDF documentation provides the most comprehensive description of the Tektronix TPS2000B Series oscilloscope features, specifications, and modes of operation:

Tektronix TPS2000B Series Digital Isolated Oscilloscope Description (12 pages; 1.2 MB)

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