Oscilloscopes 200 MHz

General information

This page features dual and quad channel digital oscilloscopes with 200 MHz bandwidth. Some models additionally contain up to 16 digital channels. 200 MHz oscilloscopes can be classic desktop, portable battery-powered, or as a USB attachment to a computer.

The most functional series, which has models with a 200 MHz bandwidth, is Tektronix MSO4. The oscilloscopes in this series are equipped with a large touch screen with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels and an innovative user interface. They contain 4 or 6 analog channels with support for FlexChannel technology (up to 48 digital channels). Signal digitization is performed using precise 12-bit ADCs, and rare signal anomalies are searched for using DPO technology (more than 500,000 waveforms per second). Additionally, the bandwidth of these oscilloscopes can be expanded to 1.5 GHz at any time with a simple software key activation.

Another professional series of oscilloscopes that has a 200 MHz model is the Tektronix MDO4000C. The devices in this series are unique in that they contain a built-in spectrum analyzer up to 6 GHz. At the same time, the signals from the analog and digital channels of these oscilloscopes and the signal from its RF input are precisely related in time, which makes it possible to correlate events in the frequency domain with the causes that cause them in the time domain and vice versa.

Of the 200 MHz bandwidth USB oscilloscopes on offer, the most capable series is the PicoScope 5000D. There are many models in the PicoScope 5000D series, four of which have a 200 MHz bandwidth. For these oscilloscopes, the ADC provides hardware resolution of up to 16 bits. It is also worth paying attention to the very large amount of built-in memory, the high speed of processing waveforms (up to 130,000 pcs/s) and the fact that decoding and analysis of 20 serial protocols is included as standard.

If you're looking for a classic 200 MHz desktop oscilloscope, check out the Tektronix TBS2000B series. And if you prefer inexpensive USB models, then pay attention to the PicoScope 3000D series. We also recommend reading this article: How to choose a digital oscilloscope.