Oscilloscopes 100 MHz

General information

This page features 100 MHz digital oscilloscopes with two or four analog channels. Some models contain a built-in logic analyzer with 8 or 16 digital channels. The design of 100 MHz oscilloscopes can be classic desktop, portable battery-powered, or as a USB attachment to a computer.

Simple desktop 100 MHz oscilloscopes are available in the TBS2000B series. These are high-quality basic devices with wide functionality. They perform 32 automatic measurements, have large built-in memory and a larger screen.

Of the 100 MHz oscilloscopes on offer, the most basic models are contained in the PicoScope 2000AB series from Pico Technology (United Kingdom). These are miniature USB oscilloscopes with minimal cost, but with solid functionality: a sampling rate of 1 GS/s, built-in memory of up to 128 million points and a continuous waveform acquisition speed (DPO mode) of up to 80,000 waveforms/s. The MSO modification includes a logic analyzer with 16 digital channels.

The most functional USB series that includes 100 MHz models is the PicoScope 5000D series. The hardware of these oscilloscopes is comparable to the best and most expensive series of benchtop laboratory oscilloscopes, and the price is much lower. There are many models in the PicoScope 5000D series, four of which are 100 MHz. For these oscilloscopes, the ADC provides hardware resolution of up to 16 bits. It is also worth paying attention to the very large amount of built-in memory and the high speed of capturing and processing waveforms (up to 130,000 pcs/s).

A simpler and cheaper series is PicoScope 3000D. The main difference from the PicoScope 5000D series is the reduced ADC capacity (8 bits in standard mode and up to 12 bits in high resolution mode). Four models in the PicoScope 3000D series support 100 MHz bandwidth.

The most functional desktop series, which includes models with a 100 MHz band, is the Tektronix MDO3. The digital oscilloscopes in this series feature a large 1920 × 1080 touch screen and an innovative user interface. A special feature of the MDO3 series is the presence of a full-featured spectrum analyzer with a separate RF input. Additionally, the bandwidth of these oscilloscopes can be expanded to 500 MHz at any time with a simple software key activation.

If you are choosing your first oscilloscope and are not very familiar with their types and characteristics, we recommend reading this article: How to choose a digital oscilloscope.