Oscilloscopes 500 MHz

General information

This page features professional digital oscilloscopes with 500 MHz bandwidth. Among them are both classic desktop and USB models, containing from two to eight analog channels and up to 64 digital channels. For a detailed review and comparison, see here: Comparison of 500 MHz oscilloscopes.

Of the mid-range USB oscilloscopes offered by Pico Technology (United Kingdom), the PicoScope 6000E series includes four models with a 500 MHz bandwidth. These are two eight-channel models: 6804E (8 analog channels with 8-bit ADC) and 6824E (8 analog channels with variable ADC 8-12 bits) and two four-channel models: 6404E (4 analog channels with 8-bit ADC) and 6424E (4 analog channel with variable ADC 8-12 bits).

The mid-range Tektronix MDO3 desktop series includes two oscilloscopes with 500 MHz bandwidth with 2 channels and 4 channels. The series is equipped with a large Full HD touch screen with a diagonal of 29 centimeters and a built-in spectrum analyzer up to 3 GHz.

The Tektronix MSO5 series is the most capable and has three models with 500 MHz bandwidth. These models are: MSO54-BW-500 (4 analog channels with FlexChannel technology support), MSO56-BW-500 (6 analog channels with FlexChannel technology support) and MSO58-BW-500 (8 analog channels with FlexChannel technology support). Signals on all channels are digitized using precise 12-bit ADCs at a speed of 3.125 GS/s. By reducing the ADC bit depth to 8 bits, the sampling rate is doubled to 6.25 GS/s.

A simpler series, which includes models with a 500 MHz band, is Tektronix MSO4. Just like the MSO5 series, the MSO4 series digital oscilloscopes are equipped with a large Full HD touch screen, but with a smaller diagonal (33 cm) and a similar user interface. They contain 4 or 6 analog channels with support for FlexChannel technology (up to 48 digital channels). Signal digitization is performed using precise 12-bit ADCs, and rare signal anomalies are searched for using DPO technology (more than 500,000 waveforms per second). Additionally, the bandwidth of these oscilloscopes can be expanded to 1.5 GHz at any time with a simple software key activation.

Another professional series that has an oscilloscope with a 500 MHz bandwidth is the Tektronix MDO4000C. The devices in this series are unique in that they contain a built-in spectrum analyzer up to 6 GHz. At the same time, the signals from the analog and digital channels of these oscilloscopes and the signal from its RF input are precisely related in time, which makes it possible to correlate events in the frequency domain with the causes that cause them in the time domain and vice versa.

If you are choosing your first oscilloscope and are not very familiar with their types and characteristics, we recommend reading this article: How to choose a digital oscilloscope.