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Mobile search engine Anritsu MX280007A Mobile InterferenceHunter designed to perform drive tests by one driver-operator. This system allows mobile operators, radio monitoring services and various regulatory authorities to quickly and cost-effectively identify the location of sources of interference and unauthorized radio signals.

The Anritsu MX280007A software was first announced in September 2014 and supports several popular Anritsu handheld spectrum analyzer series such as MS2720T (up to 43 GHz) and MS271xE (up to 6 GHz). Since then, the MX280007A control program has been regularly updated, and its functionality has been expanded. Currently (May 2020) it supports the latest series of analyzers MS2090A (up to 54 GHz), as well as technology for detecting the coordinates of sources in the presence of multipath and reflected signals. You can download a full description of all the characteristics of the Anritsu MX280007A Mobile InterferenceHunter system below on this page in the section Documentation.

Main characteristics:
Frequency: 9 kHz - 54 GHz (depending on the analyzer model).
Designed for driving tests. Compatible with any car.
Fully automatic search for single and multiple sources.
Operated by one person (driver-operator). Uses an omnidirectional antenna, an Anritsu handheld spectrum analyzer and a Windows compatible tablet or laptop that displays an interactive map with measurement results and directions to follow. In conditions of dense urban development, it correctly processes multipath and reflected signals, as well as dead zones. Can be remotely connected to stationary spectral monitors.
A simple and affordable solution to quickly find sources of interference

Need compatible economy analyzer up to 6 GHz? Watch the series Anritsu MS271xE.
Need compatible analyzer up to 43 GHz? Watch the series Anritsu MS2720T.
Required maximum functionality in the range up to 54 GHz? See analyzers Anritsu MS2090A.
Want to see the full list of models? Go to the main page by spectrum analysis.

Quick search for radio sources

Traditionally, the search for sources of interference was performed using a spectrum analyzer and a directional antenna. But due to the presence of multipath reflections of signals, as well as dead zones in dense urban areas, the task of manual search with a directional antenna can take a lot of time and does not always lead to a result.

The Anritsu MX280007A Mobile InterferenceHunter significantly automates this process. The system consists of an omnidirectional antenna mounted on any vehicle, an Anritsu handheld spectrum analyzer and MX280007A software that runs on a tablet or laptop located in the car.

As the vehicle moves through the search area, the MX280007A software performs multiple signal strength measurements per minute and prompts the driver in the recommended direction of travel. After the accumulation of the required number of measurements, a circle is displayed on the map of the area, in the center of which is the desired transmitter.

In this way, the source of interference can be located very quickly, even in large areas with dense buildings. If it turns out that the source of interference is located in a multi-storey building, then by connecting a directional antenna to a portable spectrum analyzer, you can easily find it within this building.

The Anritsu MX280007A Mobile InterferenceHunter significantly automates the process of finding radio sources
The Anritsu MX280007A Mobile InterferenceHunter significantly automates the process of searching for radio sources.

Composition of the Anritsu MX280007A Mobile InterferenceHunter system

The main element of the system that determines the frequency range is a compatible Anritsu spectrum analyzer. More than ten series of analyzers are currently supported, which are shown in this photo. As a low cost solution up to 6 GHz, the recommended series MS271xE, the middle level is represented by series analyzers MS2720T (up to 43 GHz), and the greatest capabilities, including the measurement of the absolute flux density (Flux Density in units of dBm/m2/MHz), are provided by the latest real-time spectrum analyzers of the series MS2090A (up to 54 GHz).

This photo shows the appearance of different series of Anritsu handheld devices compatible with the MX280007A Mobile InterferenceHunter automatic radio source search system.

Anritsu Spectrum Analyzers Compatible with MX280007A Mobile InterferenceHunter
Anritsu spectrum analyzers compatible with the MX280007A Mobile InterferenceHunter system.


The second component of the system is a special software MX280007A installed on a Windows compatible tablet or laptop. While the vehicle is moving, this software controls the operation of the spectrum analyzer, reads data from it, processes it, maps it, and generates prompts for the driver to change direction. The current coordinates are received from the GPS antenna, which is fixed on the car and connected with a cable to a special connector of the Anritsu analyzer.

MX280007A is compatible with several types of maps such as Google Maps (requires online connection) and OpenStreetMap (works without online connection). You can also upload maps as images (JPG or PNG) with GPS coordinates of the corners of the map. This screenshot shows the menu of the program for working with maps.

MX280007A software compatible with popular card formats
The Anritsu MX280007A software is compatible with popular card formats.


This photo shows the interior of a car, which contains a tablet with the MX280007A program, which works in conjunction with a portable spectrum analyzer Anritsu MS2720T. An omnidirectional antenna that receives a radio signal is attached to the roof of the car with a magnet. Any omnidirectional antenna with a suitable frequency range can be used as part of the system. But if you are primarily interested in frequencies up to 6 GHz, then the Anritsu 2000-1946-R and 2000-1947-R compact magnetic antennas will be optimal, which also contain a built-in GPS antenna inside their sealed housing.

Tablet with MX280007A software and Anritsu portable analyzer inside a car
A tablet with the MX280007A program and an Anritsu portable analyzer in a passenger car.

Tasks solved with the Anritsu MX280007A Mobile InterferenceHunter

Using the Anritsu MX280007A Mobile InterferenceHunter system, you can solve several typical tasks to search for unauthorized sources of radiation or faulty radio transmitting equipment. Among the main tasks to be solved: search continuous source, Search pulse source (pulses from 0.2 ms), search multiple sources in a given frequency range (for example, places of radio signal leaks from cable television systems), control of the purity of a certain part of the spectrum (Spectrum Clearing) in a given geographic area before the launch of a new communication standard (for example, LTE), as well as during its operation.

This screenshot of the MX280007A program shows the results of a drive test performed to control the purity of the spectrum (Spectrum Clearing). In this case, the criterion is -55 dBm. Any excess of this threshold is displayed as a red dot on the map.

Anritsu MX280007A Mobile InterferenceHunter for Spectrum Clearing
Anritsu MX280007A Mobile InterferenceHunter system when controlling the purity of a given part of the spectrum (Spectrum Clearing).


When remotely connecting the MX280007A program to three or more spectral monitors of the series Anritsu MS2710xA Maybe determining the coordinates of the modulated source even without a drive test using the method of accurate measurement of signal arrival delays (Time Difference of Arrival - TDOA).

Anritsu MX280007A program menu for setting up remote connection to three or more stationary Anritsu MS2710xA series spectral monitors are shown in this screenshot.

Anritsu MX280007A setup menu for determining source coordinates without a drive test using three MS2710xA stationary spectral monitors
Setup menu of the MX280007A program for determining the coordinates of the source without a drive test using three stationary spectral monitors Anritsu MS2710xA.


When the MX280007A Mobile InterferenceHunter is equipped with a real-time spectrum analyzer of the Anritsu MS2090A and a calibrated omnidirectional antenna, possibly performing absolute power flux-density measurements (Flux Density in units of dBm/m2/MHz).

This screenshot of the MX280007A program shows a menu in which you can select the type of measured value (Power Detection Mode). Note that the Flux Density measurement type becomes active only when Anritsu MS2090A spectrum analyzers are connected. For all other analyzer series, only the Channel Power measurement type is available.

Program menu MX280007A for selecting the type of measured value (Power Detection Mode)
Menu of the MX280007A program for selecting the type of measured value (Power Detection Mode).


For example, this screenshot shows a section of the area with the current location of the vehicle (green icon in the center of the map), in which the system Anritsu MX280007A Mobile InterferenceHunter with antenna 2000-1726-R started to measure flux density (current value -90.63 dBm/m2/MHz). As the vehicle moves, all measurements will be mapped and stored in the results file.

Measurement and mapping of coverage intensity in absolute units (dBm / m2 / MHz) of the power flux density (Flux Density)
Measurement and mapping of the coverage intensity in absolute units (dBm / m2 / MHz) of the power flux density (Flux Density).

This PDF documentation contains the most comprehensive description of the Anritsu MX280007A Mobile InterferenceHunter's features, specifications and modes of operation:

Anritsu MX280007A System Description (English) (11 pages; 5 MB)

Anritsu MX280007A User Manual (English) (80 pages; 11 MB)

Anritsu MX280007A Application Example (English) (16 pages; 5 MB)

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