Aaronia SPECTRAN V6 real-time spectrum analyzer series up to 6 GHz

Aaronia SPECTRAN V6 – real-time spectrum analyzers up to 6 GHz

Brief description of the series

At the end of 2020, the German company Aaronia has significantly updated its line of real-time spectrum analyzers. Previous generation series (SPECTRAN V5) has been discontinued and replaced by the new innovative SPECTRAN V6 series with real-time analysis bandwidth up to 245 MHz.

The Aaronia SPECTRAN V6 analyzer series consists of three basic models: V6-RSA250X (80 MHz analysis bandwidth), V6-RSA500X (80 MHz analysis bandwidth + I/Q generator) and V6-RSA2000X (dual analyzer with 2x160 MHz analysis bandwidth + I/Q generator). The functionality of these basic models can be significantly expanded with additional options. A complete description of all characteristics of SPECTRAN V6 analyzers can be downloaded below on this page in the Documentation section.

All models of the series

The Aaronia SPECTRAN V6 series consists of three models, which are presented in this interactive table. To see all the characteristics of certain models, add them to the comparison.

Main characteristics of Aaronia SPECTRAN V6 series models
Maximum frequency
Minimum frequency
Real-time analysis bandwidth
Signal analysis bandwidth
RF signal generation
Recommended replacement: Aaronia V6 ECO 100XA-6
6 GHz 10 MHz 80 MHz 120 MHz 80 MHz 120 MHz 10 MHz – 6 GHz 0.85 kg
Recommended replacement: Aaronia V6 ECO 150XA-6
6 GHz 10 MHz 80 MHz 120 MHz 80 MHz 120 MHz 10 MHz – 6 GHz 0.85 kg
Recommended replacement: Aaronia V6 ECO 200XA-6
6 GHz 10 MHz 160 MHz 245 MHz 160 MHz 245 MHz 10 MHz – 6 GHz 0.85 kg

Main features of the series

Frequency: 10 MHz - 6 GHz, analysis bandwidth 80 MHz (model Aaronia V6-RSA250X).
Frequency: 10 MHz - 6 GHz, analysis bandwidth 80 MHz, I/Q generator (Model Aaronia V6-RSA500X).
Frequency: 10 MHz - 6 GHz, analysis bandwidth 2x160 MHz, I/Q generator (Model Aaronia V6-RSA2000X).
Resolution (RBW): 0.062 Hz - 200 MHz. Amplitude: +23 dBm to -150 dBm.
Noise: -150 dBm (up to -170 dBm with internal preamp)
Model V6-RSA2000X scans the entire frequency range in 5 ms.
Continuous I/Q data transfer at up to 784MB/s (via two USB 3).
Real-time capture bandwidth: 80 MHz, 120 MHz, 160 MHz or 245 MHz.
The minimum duration of an event detected with a probability of 100%: up to 10 ns.
Additional options: internal preamplifier 20 dB, analysis bandwidth extension, highly stable reference oscillator OCXO (0.005 ppm), GPS receiver, etc.
Interfaces: USB 3. Weight: 0.85 kg. Dimensions: 210 x 115 x 30 mm.
Working temperature: from 0°С to +50°С. Extended range (option): from -40°С to +75°С.

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Software RTSA-Suite PRO

The excellent performance of the compact SPECTRAN V6 series USB analyzers is fully realized using the Aaronia RTSA-Suite PRO PC software. This unique software is included with every SPECTRAN V6 instrument absolutely free of charge.

The RTSA-Suite PRO program is used to control the operation of the analyzer and visually display the results of various measurements on a personal computer screen. Large screens of modern computers, especially 4K displays with a resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels, are well suited for visualizing complex radio signals with many fine details.

Aaronia RTSA-Suite PRO software is included free of charge with every Aaronia SPECTRAN V6 analyzer
The RTSA-Suite PRO software is included free of charge with every SPECTRAN V6 instrument.

The Aaronia SPECTRAN V6 real-time analyzers scan the spectrum at very high speeds, exceeding 1 THz per second (6 GHz for 5 ms) for the older V6-RSA2000X. Such an impressive scanning speed makes it possible to simultaneously monitor different parts of the spectrum, with virtually no loss of signal detail.

As an example, this screenshot shows a continuous monitoring of twenty-eight separate sections of the spectrum in the range from 700 MHz to 6 GHz. For each area, you can set your own analysis parameters (reference level, RBW value, detector type, and so on).

Monitoring of twenty-eight individual spectrum segments from 700 MHz to 6 GHz using the Aaronia SPECTRAN V6 analyzer and Aaronia RTSA-Suite PRO software
Monitoring of twenty-eight separate sections of the spectrum in the range from 700 MHz to 6 GHz.

All real-time analyzers of the Aaronia SPECTRAN V6 series can perform IQ demodulation as standard. With the Aaronia RTSA-Suite PRO software, IQ demodulation results can be visualized in a variety of ways. For example, in addition to the familiar signal constellation (constellation diagram), 3D visualization is also available.

This screenshot shows a 3D rendering of a demodulated ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) signal used by aircraft and air traffic controllers to monitor aircraft movements. Also, ADS-B signals are used in some types of UAV unmanned aerial vehicles.

IQ radio demodulation is a standard feature of the Aaronia RTSA-Suite PRO
IQ radio demodulation is a standard feature of the Aaronia RTSA-Suite PRO.


Structurally, all models of Aaronia SPECTRAN V6 real-time spectrum analyzers are compact devices, weighing 850 grams, without display and buttons. The analyzers are powered, controlled, and data transferred via a high-speed USB 3 interface.

This photo shows the front and rear panels of the top model of the SPECTRAN V6 series (this is the V6-RSA2000X model). There are three SMA(f) RF connectors on the front panel. Connectors with markings Rx1 and Rx2 are two dual spectrum analyzer inputs, each with a real-time analysis bandwidth of 160 MHz (V6-RSA250X and V6-RSA500X only have an Rx1 connector). Connector with marking Tx is the output of an I/Q generator with a bandwidth of 120 MHz and power up to +3 dBm.

There are four SMB(f) connectors on the rear panel: 10 MHz reference frequency input (REF 10MHz), input-output start sweep (TRG 3,3V), PPM signal input-output (PPM 3.3V) and GPS signal input with power supply to the external GPS antenna (GPS ACT 3,3V). There are also three USB connectors on the rear panel: the main connector for data transfer and power (DATA), an additional connector to speed up data transfer, for example, if streaming is used with an analysis bandwidth of 245 MHz (BOOST) and another USB power connector (POWER).

Purpose of Aaronia V6-RSA2000X connectors
Purpose of the connectors of the older model (V6-RSA2000X) of the SPECTRAN V6 series.

Expanding the basic capabilities

All Aaronia SPECTRAN V6 models, even in the basic configuration, allow for a detailed analysis of the spectral characteristics of radio signals. To further increase the capabilities of the devices, they can be equipped with various options. Key features include a 20 dB internal preamplifier, real-time acquisition bandwidth extension (up to 120 MHz or up to 245 MHz), vibration-resistant, highly stable OCXO reference oscillator (0.005 ppm), and an integrated GPS receiver with coordinate change protection. For a complete list of available options, see the Documentation section.

This PDF documentation contains the most comprehensive description of the Aaronia SPECTRAN V6 Real Time Spectrum Analyzer features, specifications and modes of operation:

Description of Aaronia SPECTRAN V6 Spectrum Analyzers (in English) (8 pages; 6 MB)

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