Agilent DSO3202A Digital Oscilloscope, 200 MHz, 2 Channels




- Agilent DSO3000 series
- frequency band: 200 MHz
- number of channels: 2
- sampling frequency: 1 GHz
- large 15cm (5.7") color display
- advanced triggering system including edge, pulse width, and selected video line triggering
- 4K point signal memory depth
- 20 automatic measurements plus hardware-based frequency counter and Measure mode All (measure all parameters)
- four math operations, including FFT, as standard on the oscilloscope
- mask test function as standard on the oscilloscope
- USB, GPIB and RS 232 interfaces for external connections
- multilingual user interface
- frame sequence capture mode ( segmented memory) as standard

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High-definition waveforms

All 3000 Series oscilloscope models have a color display that makes it easy and quick to identify signals of interest.
The large 15 cm (5.7 inch) diagonal display screen with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels allows you to get more information about the signal.
The delayed sweep mode on the 3000 Series oscilloscopes allows you to see more details of the fine structure of waveforms. In this case, you can view the signal recording over a large time interval, and then select and display the area of interest in an enlarged view.

Required feature set

All 3000 Series oscilloscopes have a standard set of features that users need to make their work easier and faster.
The Autoscale feature allows you to quickly display any active waveforms on the screen and automatically set the vertical, horizontal, and trigger controls for the best waveform display.
Deeper memory
The 3000 Series oscilloscopes come standard with a memory depth of 4K points, which is almost twice the memory depth of other companies' oscilloscopes in this class.
Convenient Connectivity
Scope Connect software provides additional
connectivity for most data acquisition, measurement storage, and documentation purposes using the USB port that comes standard with the 3000 Series oscilloscopes. GPIB and RS-232 interfaces are also available as options.
Advanced launch system
Enables triggering on edge, pulse width, and selected video line to help the user isolate signals of interest.
20 automatic measurements
In order to save time, the user can simultaneously perform 18 different types of measurements.
Math functions including FFT
Mathematical functions include addition, subtraction, multiplication of signals and fast Fourier transform using one of four weight functions (windows): Hanning, Hamming, Blackman; Harris and rectangular.
Automatic calibration
This function automatically calibrates the vertical and horizontal channels of the oscilloscope.
Multilingual user interface
When using the oscilloscope, you can select one of the following languages for the user interface: Simplified or Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and English.

Digital filtering

The digital filtering mode allows you to implement the following filter options: low-pass filter, high-pass filter, bandpass or notch filter. Cutoff frequencies can be set from 1 kHz to the full bandwidth of this oscilloscope model.

Easy to manage and use

Separate color-coded knobs for each channel to control deviation, offset, and timebase make it easy to set up and operate the oscilloscope mode.
The front panel keys for triggering functions are combined into groups, which also facilitates the user's work.


main parameters
DSO3062A: 60 MHz
DSO3102A: 100 MHz
DSO3152A: 150 MHz
DSO3202A: 200 MHz
Real-time sample rate
2 interleaved channels 1 GHz
Each channel 500 MHz
Number of channels
Color, 320x240 1/4 VGA, LCD; 88x116 mm
4 Qtchek per channel
Vertical Resolution
8 doors discharges
Deviation coefficients
2 mV/div to 5 V/div
DC gain error
±3% with a deviation coefficient from 10 mV/div to 5 V/div;
±4% with a deviation factor of 2 to 5 mV/div
Maximum allowable input voltage
300 V (RMS) CAT II; 20 dB/decade derating above 100 kHz to 13 Vp-p at 3 MHz and above
Sweep factors
2 ns/div to 50 s/div
Input communication
By direct current (DC); alternating current (AC); input ground
Input impedance
1 MΩ, 13 pF
Time base error
Launch Modes
Immediate start when front panel key is pressed
By drop
Trigger on rising or falling edge on any channel
On TV signal
Trigger on one of three standard TV signals: NTSC, PAL, SECAM
By pulse duration
Trigger on a pulse greater than, equal to, or shorter than the specified duration; the specified duration can be in the range from 20 ns to 10 s
Launch source
Channel 1, Channel 2, External, External/5, Mains Powered (Incline only)
Manual, automatic, signal tracking
Automatic measurements
20 kinds plus frequency measurement by 5-bit hard-wired frequency counter
Amplitude parameters
Vpp (peak-to-peak), Vmax (maximum), Vmin (minimum), Vavg (average), Vamp (amplitude), Vtop (top level), Vbase (bottom level), Vrms (rms), overshoot (overshoot). front), Preshoot (ejection to the front)
Time parameters
Freq (Frequency), Period (Period), +Width (Positive Pulse Width), -Width (Negative Pulse Duration), +Duty (Positive Pulse Duty Cycle, -Duty (Negative Pulse Duty Cycle), Rise Time (Rise Time) , Fall Time (cutoff time), Delay (delay)
Math functions
Addition, subtraction, multiplication, FFT
FFT operation
Type of weight function (window)
Hanning, Hamming, Blackman-Harris and rectangular
Sample size
1024 points
Automatic installation of all channels by pressing one key
Input Output
Standard Ports
USB (requires N2860A Scope Connect to use)
Ports on request
GPIB, RS-232
Maximum data transfer rate
GPIB: 500 KB/s
General characteristics
Without handles: 30 cm (W) x 15 cm (H) x 29 cm (D)
With handles: 36 cm (W) x 18.2 cm (H) x 29 cm (D)
Unpackaged: 4.8 kg (10.5 lb)
Packaged: 7 kg (15 lb)
Mains voltage limits
100 to 240 VAC, CAT II, automatic voltage selection
Power frequency
47 to 440 Hz
Power consumption
50 VA

Order Information

DSO3062A 2-channel digital storage oscilloscope up to 60 MHz
DSO3102A 2-channel digital storage oscilloscope up to 100 MHz
DSO3152A 2-channel digital storage oscilloscope up to 150 MHz
DSO3202A 2-channel digital storage oscilloscope up to 200 MHz

1 year. It is possible to extend the warranty period up to 3 years.