Single channel regulated power supply Tektronix PWS2323, 32 V, 3 A, 96 W

Power supply regulated single-channel Tektronix PWS2323
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Main characteristics

  • Manufacturer:
    Tektronix (USA) Official representative
  • Category:
    Laboratory power supplies
  • Series:
    Tektronix PWS2000
  • Output voltage type:
    Direct current (DC)
  • Number of channels (DC):
  • Maximum output voltage (DC):
    32 V
  • Maximum output current (DC):
    3 A
  • Maximum output power (DC):
    96 W
  • Voltage resolution (DC):
    10 mV
  • Current resolution (DC):
    10 mA
  • Operating principle:
  • 4-wire sensing:
  • Built-in devices:
    Multimeter (DMM)
  • Peculiarities:
    Adjustable, Stabilized
  • Connection to computer:
    Without connection
  • Operating temperature:
    From 0°С to +40°С
  • Width:
    242 mm
  • Height:
    105 mm
  • Depth:
    384 mm
  • Weight:
    6.7 kg

Product description

Tektronix PWS2323 is a high-quality power supply with voltage regulation in the range up to 32 Volts and current up to 3 Amperes. The maximum power delivered to the load is 96 Watts. Voltage regulation can be performed with a resolution of 10 mV, and current with a resolution of 10 mA. This model is transformer type (not pulsed), which provides a clean output voltage without ripple.

The laboratory power supply contains an accurate multimeter that measures the actual values of the output current and voltage. It provides only manual control, without the ability to connect to a computer. Model PWS2323 is part of the Tektronix PWS2000 series.

For more information about this product, see the Tektronix PWS2000 series page

Contents of delivery

  • single-channel regulated power supply Tektronix PWS2323 (1 pc.)
  • power cable (1 pc.)
  • user manual in electronic form
  • calibration certificate
  • 1 year warranty