Tektronix TDS3012B Digital Oscilloscope, 100 MHz, 2 Channels




- Tektronix TDS3012B oscilloscope (advanced TDS3012)
- Tektronix TDS3000B series
- frequency band: 100 MHz
- number of channels: 2
- sampling frequency: 1.25 GHz
- VGA color LCD display
- 25 automatic measurements
- 9-bit vertical resolution
- OSD in Russian
- Built-in Ethernet port
- Web-based remote control of the instrument via e*ScopeTM
- Automatic signal anomaly detection (WaveAlertTM)
- specialized modules: Advanced analysis module, Telecommunication masks, Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), 2 video modules for testing and troubleshooting, Test within the specified limits - for fast pass/fail analysis, Advanced synchronization module, including triggering on glitches, runt and logical states at the inputs
- built-in printer for documenting measurement results
- supports TekProbeTM LevelI, active, differential, auto-scaling current probes
- built-in Centronics print port
- built-in FDD (3.5``)

Application area

- telecommunications
- production testing
- design and debugging of digital devices
- setup and maintenance of video equipment
- development of power supplies

DPO Technology

Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes (DPO) store and analyze real-time 3D information about measured signals: amplitude, time, and amplitude distribution over time. Fast waveform capture and high update rate make it easy to capture and display infrequent waveforms or waveform changes. The color display with intensity gradation provides information on the frequency of occurrence of signals. This helps to isolate anomalies in the analyzed signal, which can cause problems in a conventional digital storage oscilloscope.

Advanced Timing - TDS3TRG

This feature (standard on TDS3000B Series oscilloscopes) provides triggering on logic states and pulse parameters
Very useful when testing digital circuits. The oscilloscope triggers when two signals match the Boolean function defined for triggering. This module provides template and logical state modes. Pattern triggering, useful for diagnosing digital devices, triggers the oscilloscope when two signals become logically true or false. Basically, pattern sync operates on AND, OR, NAND, or NOR logical conditions. You can define temporary conditions in the trigger conditions and define threshold levels. Trigger on status is useful for diagnosing digital clocked devices, triggering only when the clock is positive.
impulse trigger
In this mode, the oscilloscope triggers when the signal reaches a specified time or level condition. The advanced trigger module provides three trigger modes: pulse width, runt, and edge.
Pulse width (or glitch) triggering triggers the oscilloscope when the waveform pulse width is less than, greater than, or not equal to a user-specified value.
Runt trigger triggers the oscilloscope on a condition between the specified levels (runt). You can also set the run options.
Trigger on Switch Rate - Triggers the oscilloscope on the condition that the rise (or fall) rate of the waveform is less than, greater than, equal to, or not equal to a user-specified switching rate.

FFT for frequency and harmonic analysis - TDS3FFT

With the TDS3FFT function, the oscilloscope becomes an excellent diagnostic tool for:

- impulse response testing of filters and systems
- measurement of harmonics and distortion in systems
- identification and localization of noise and interference source
- vibration analysis
- analysis of harmonics in 50 and 60 Hz power lines.

Additionally, the TDS3FFT function allows you to select the optimal FFT window for signal analysis from four available ones:

- Rectangular, Hamming, Hanning and Black-Harris
- Analysis of repetitive, single and stored waveforms
- Set FFT vertical grid to either dB or Linear RMS
- Display time waveforms simultaneously with FFT.

The following option modules are currently available for the TDS3000B:

- telecommunications mask testing
- advanced analysis module - limit
- advanced video module
- 601 series digital video module -
10Base-T LAN/RS-232
interface module - GPIB/VGA/RS-232 interface module
- built-in Centronics port.


TDS3TMT - Telecom mask
module TDS3AAM - Advanced analysis
module TDS3LIM - Test module within
TDS3FFT - FFT module
TDS3TRG - Advanced timing
module TDS3VID - Advanced video module
TDS3SDI - 601 Serial - Digital video module
TDS3GV - GPIB, VGA and RS-232 interfaces
TDS3BAT - A set of batteries for continuous operation for 2 hours. Note: the device e. b. grounded.
TDS3PRT - Embedded printer for TDS3000B or TDS3000. Simply plug into the connector on the rear panel and press the "PRINT" button. Together with TDS3000B, the printer works even in battery mode. (TDS3000 does not work in battery mode)
016-1907-00 - pack of 5 rolls of thermal paper for TDS3PRT.
TDS3CHG is a battery charger.
AC3000 - soft carrying case.
HCTDS32 is a hard plastic carrying case.
RM3000 - rack mounting kit.
Service Manual (TDS3000B Series) - English only (071-0382-00).
TDS3GV - Programming Manual - English only (071-0381-01).
WaveStar - software for oscilloscope (Windows 95/98/NT 4.0)
VocalLink - software for voice control of the oscilloscope.


ADA400A - 100x, 10x, 1x, 0.1x high sensitivity differential amplifier.
P6243 - 1 GHz, 1 pF 10x active probe.
P5205 - 1.3 kV, 100 MHz high voltage differential probe.
P5210 - 5.6 kV, 50 MHz high voltage differential probe.
P5100 - 2.5 kV, 100x High voltage passive probe.
TCP202 - current probe 15 A, DC + peak AC, 50 MHz AC/DC.

Order Information

TDS3012B, TDS3014B, TDS3024B, TDS3032B, TDS3034B, TDS3044B, TDS3052B, TDS3054B, TDS3064B

Standard accessories (included):
Probes: 2x P3010 10x passive probes (TDS3012B), 4x P3010 10x passive probes (TDS3014B), 2x P6139A 10x passive probes (TDS3032B and TDS3052B), 4x P6139A 10x passive probes (TDS3024B, TDS3034B, TDS3034B, TDS3034B , TDS3054B, TDS3064B).
Documentation: CD with user manual in 11 languages, Programming manual and module usage manual, faceplate in Russian.
Power cord (Option. A1 - Universal Euro 220 V, 50 Hz (161-0104-06))
Holder for accessories.
Protective front cover: has a holder for the user manual and 3.5 floppy disk.
NIST calibration certificate.

3 years except for probes.