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Announcements of the most interesting models

This page contains the most interesting and promising models of instrumentation and equipment, grouped by application. See the full list of devices offered here.

The best models in the "RF Measurements" section

The best models in the "Telecommunication Measurements" section

The best models in the "Electromagnetic Measurements" section


Anritsu MS2830A is a series of laboratory spectrum and signal analyzers. Lab Spectrum and Signal Analyzer up to 43 GHz Anritsu MS2830A

The Anritsu MS2830A spectrum and signal analyzers are Anritsu's flagship line of functional, high-speed, yet cost-effective laboratory and production analyzers. The analyzers of this series not only support the capture and analysis of wideband signals, but also with the help of FFT, allow you to perform multi-functional signal analysis, both in the frequency and time domains.

What's more, the MS2830A Series can be equipped with a built-in oscillator capable of generating both continuous and modulated waveforms for use as a reference in transmit path unit characterization and as an input signal for receive path characterization.

Detailed description: Anritsu MS2830A


Aaronia SPECTRAN V5 - real-time spectrum analyzers up to 20 GHz (models: HF-8060, HF-80120, HF-80160, HF-80200, HF-80400, OEM, X, RSA, ODB, XFR V5 PRO) Real-time spectrum analyzers up to 20 GHz Aaronia SPECTRAN V5

Aaronia's SPECTRAN V5 real-time spectrum analyzer series is a group of promising, innovative instruments that can change the way spectrum analysis is used. The series consists of four basic models (up to 6, 12, 16 and 20 GHz), each of which can be ordered in one of six housing types: manual (with touch screen), USB (without display), for manufacturers (OEM), outdoor, for remote monitoring (rack mounting), inside an all-weather laptop.

In short, the Aaronia SPECTRAN V5 series can be summed up as: great spectrum analysis capabilities at a very reasonable price.

Detailed description: Aaronia SPECTRAN V5


Anritsu MS46122A Series - Compact, Cost-Effective Vector Network Analyzers (VNA, VNA) Compact vector network analyzer up to 43.5 GHz Anritsu MS46122A

The MS46122A series belongs to the low-cost vector network analyzers (VNA, VNA) of the ShockLine economy line of the Japanese company Anritsu. This is a complete yet very affordable 2-port vector analyzer. Depending on the modification, the upper operating range is 8, 20 or 43.5 GHz. The MS46122A analyzer can measure all 4 S-parameters (reflection on port 1, forward transfer characteristic, reverse transfer characteristic, and reflection on port 2). In addition, measurements in the time domain are possible with option MS46122A-002.

The Anritsu MS46122A vector analyzer is based on the patented ShockLine VNA-on-chip technology, in which all the main elements of the analyzer are placed in one micromodule, which significantly simplifies and makes the internal structure of the device more compact, which in turn significantly reduces the cost and increases the accuracy of measurements. , especially at high frequencies.

Detailed description: Anritsu MS46122A


Anritsu MS20xxC VNA Master Series - Handheld Vector Network Analyzers (Models: MS2026C, MS2027C, MS2028C, MS2036C, MS2037C and MS2038C) Handheld Vector Network Analyzers up to 20 GHz Anritsu MS20xxC VNA Master

In any field of activity, the Grand Master implies the highest level of knowledge, experience, achievement and recognition. Series MS20xxC VNA Master The Anritsu company truly meets all these qualities in the field of vector analysis of electrical circuits. The MS20xxC VNA Masters provide excellent portable performance for accurate, two-port measurements in two directions at once, anywhere, anytime.

The VNA Master Series allows you to perform sophisticated field measurements on high-frequency cables, waveguides, and antennas, providing accurate vector-corrected amplitude, phase, time-domain, and path-to-distance measurements. The three models of the MS203xC series, in addition to the VNA, contain professional spectrum analyzer with excellent sensitivity and low noise.

Detailed description: Anritsu MS20xxC VNA Master

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Fujikura 80S - universal automatic splicer for optical fiber Universal automatic splicer for optical fiber Fujikura 80S

Fujikura 80S is the top-end fiber optic core alignment splicer from Fujikura of Japan. Model 80S is a continuation of the famous line of FSM-60S and FSM-50S welding machines. Like its predecessors, Fujikura 80S splices any type of fiber with minimal losses even in harsh conditions (low temperature, extreme heat, humidity, wind), while the welder is unpretentious and very reliable in operation. Service life, even in the most severe conditions, exceeds 10 years. Very cheap consumables: a pair of ELCT2-20A electrodes, designed for 5000 welds, costs only $60 (about 1 cent per weld).

But the main difference from all existing welding machines is the record welding time (7 s) and heat shrinkage (14 s). Add to that a fully automated wind cover, heat shrink oven and automatic fiber presses, and even more resistance to shocks, bumps and drops - withstands being dropped on any edge, including the wind cover.

Detailed description: Fujikura 80S


Fujikura 22S - active V-groove fiber splicer Compact Fusion Splicer Fujikura 22S

Fujikura 22S is the newest model of a compact welding machine for access networks, PON, FTTx, SCS and local fiber optic communication lines, which the Japanese company Fujikura introduced to replace the previous Fujikura 21S modification. Model 22S has been sold in Ukraine since 2016 and differs from model 21S in an improved heat shrink oven. In terms of price and performance, the Fujikura 22S occupies an intermediate position between the miniature and economical 12S and the older, fully automated 80S.

The Fujikura 22S is very handy and compact (weight 1.1 kg.). It is slightly larger and slightly heavier than the 12S economy machine (which weighs only 776 grams), but contains a more powerful battery, which is enough for 200 heat shrink welds. But the main feature of the new Fujikura 22S is the method of convergence and alignment of optical fibers. The Model 22S aligns to the fiber core using active (moving) V-grooves, providing excellent performance with real-world average splice loss of 0.03dB for single mode and 0.01dB for multimode.

Detailed description: Fujikura 22S


Grandway FHO3000 - A series of miniature touch optical reflectometers (OTDR Grandway, models: FHO3000-D26, FHO3000-D35) Miniature touch optical reflectometers Grandway FHO3000

The FHO3000 is the lowest cost range of Grandway optical reflectometers available on the market. Their functionality includes all the basic functions of a single-mode optical reflectometer, and the price is so low that it will fit even the most modest budget. There are two models in the series: FHO3000-D26 with a dynamic range of 26 dB for access networks, SCS and local lines and a more powerful model FHO3000-D35 with a dynamic range of 35 dB for any city-wide single-mode networks (including PON networks with separate splitters up to 1x8) .

In the standard configuration, the FHO3000 series reflectometer allows measurements at two wavelengths: 1310 nm and 1550 nm, contains a color touch screen, large built-in memory for 40,000 reflectograms, provides battery life up to 6 hours. The interface of the device is Russified. For a little extra money, you can add a built-in illumination (option VFL) and a built-in power meter (option PM) to the reflectometer.

Detailed description: Grandway FHO3000


EXFO FTB-2 Pro is a modular measurement platform for advanced analysis of fiber optic lines and data transfer protocols Modular measurement platform EXFO FTB-2 Pro

The EXFO FTB-2 Pro modular measurement platform is designed to analyze fiber optic lines (including dispersion and optical spectrum), as well as all data transfer protocols up to 111.81 Gbps. The platform can accommodate two single-thickness measurement modules or one double-thickness measurement module. The module type determines the measurement capabilities of the platform.

There are four optical spectrum analysis modules (FTB-5230 and FTB-5240 series), one dispersion analysis module (FTB-5700), five optical reflectometer modules (FTBx-700C series), including a unique Variable Wavelength Reflectometer (FTBx) module -740C), multiple optical loss and back reflection modules (FTB-3930 series), one protocol analysis module up to 111.81 Gbps (FTBx-88200NGE), and two protocol analysis modules up to 11.318 Gbps (FTBx -8880 and FTBx-8870). In addition, a video microscope can be connected to the platform to check the quality of optical connectors (FIP-400B series).

Detailed description: EXFO FTB-2 Pro


EXFO MAX-800 - a series of Ethernet, OTN, SDH and PDH analyzers with speeds up to 10G (models: EXFO MAX-860, MAX-860G and MAX-880) Data network analyzers (up to 10.7 Gbps) series EXFO MAX-800

The EXFO MAX-800 data network analyzer series was launched in 2016. This series is positioned as a low-cost solution for basic testing in Ethernet, OTN, SDH/PDH networks with speeds up to 10.7 Gbps. The series consists of three models: EXFO MAX-860, MAX-860G and MAX-880, which differ in maximum speed (1G or 10G), as well as supported protocols (Ethernet only or Ethernet + OTN + SDH/PDH).

The analyzers of this series are ergonomically designed and equipped with a large, high-quality touch screen with a diagonal of 20.3 cm and a resolution of 1280 x 800. The large screen of the device makes it easy to configure tests and view measurement results. And with a fast processor and optimized embedded Windows Embedded 8 operating system, you can run tests and analyze results faster.

Detailed description: EXFO MAX-800


EXFO FTB-1 Pro is a compact modular measurement platform for testing data networks Compact modular measurement platform EXFO FTB-1 Pro

The compact, modular EXFO FTB-1 Pro test platform is an all-in-one solution for exhaustive testing of all types of data networks up to 111.81 Gbps. One measuring module (single or double thickness) can be mounted on the platform. The module type determines the measurement capabilities of the platform. There are six protocol analyzer modules (NetBlazer V2 series), four optical OTDR modules (FTB-700C series), and two protocol analyzer and optical OTDR modules (FTB-700G-V2 series). In addition, a video microscope can be connected to the platform to check optical connectors (FIP-400B series).

The EXFO FTB-1 Pro platform itself is a compact yet powerful quad-core computer running Windows 8.1 Professional. The platform is made in an ergonomic case and is equipped with a large, high-quality touch screen with a diagonal of 20.3 cm, a resolution of 1280 x 800 and support for multi-touch technology. The instrument's large screen makes it much easier to configure tests and view results, while the powerful processor performs all processing quickly. The presence of the Windows 8.1 Professional operating system allows you to install any programs on the platform without restrictions.

Detailed description: EXFO FTB-1 Pro


Anritsu MT1000A - Modular OTN, Ethernet, Fiber Channel, SDH, PDH transport network analyzer up to 11.3 Gbps Modular Transport Network Analyzer (up to 11.3 Gbps)Anritsu MT1000A

Today's communication networks are becoming more and more complex as leading carriers implement the latest technologies on their transport networks: OTN, MPLS-TP, synchronous Ethernet, etc. In addition to implementing the latest technologies, operators must also support existing SDH/PDH and fiber channel. The new modular transport network analyzer Network Master Pro MT1000A allows you to effectively perform all the tests and measurements required by standards in modern networks, while not spending large funds on its purchase.

Anritsu MT1000A supports all modern data transmission standards (OTN, Ethernet, Fiber Channel, SDH, PDH, etc.) in networks at speeds up to 11.3 Gbps. This analyzer can perform all the necessary tests to check networks for compliance with international standards (G.709, G.8201, M.2401, O.182, Y.1564, G.826x, IEEE 1588 v2, etc.) and at the same time it relatively inexpensive. The instrument's widescreen touch screen makes it easy to configure tests and view measurement results. A user-friendly case design and intuitive graphical user interface make working with the Anritsu MT1000A analyzer simple and enjoyable.

Detailed description: Anritsu MT1000A


Universal measuring platform EXFO FTB-500 Versatile modular measurement platform EXFO FTB-500

The result of more than a decade of leadership in building modular measurement platforms is the EXFO FTB-500 Network Test Platform. The FTB-500 platform embodies a completely new way of working: more advanced applications, faster setup, testing and reporting, wireless connectivity and universal compatibility with all EXFO FTB modules - old, current and future.

This new platform replaces the well established EXFO FTB-400 platform. Designed for network experts, the FTB-500 platform allows you to test the latest networks and the networks of the future. The EXFO FTB-500 platform can accommodate all the measurement modules (up to 8) and applications that may be required for testing at every step of the network lifecycle: construction, acceptance testing, service activation, maintenance, diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Detailed description: EXFO FTB-500



Oscilloscopes with built-in spectrum analyzer, generator, logic analyzer, protocol analyzer, voltmeter and frequency counter Tektronix MDO3000 series from 100 MHz to 1 GHz Oscilloscopes up to 1 GHz with built-in spectrum analyzer Tektronix MDO3000

The Tektronix MDO3000 Series Combination Oscilloscope is a tool that can be very helpful in designing and debugging today's complex electronic systems. The models in this series combine seven instruments: an oscilloscope, a spectrum analyzer, an arbitrary waveform and standard function generator, a logic analyzer, a protocol analyzer, and a digital voltmeter + frequency counter.

When buying instruments of the Tektronix MDO3000 series, you can choose an inexpensive model with basic functionality and increase the capabilities already during operation by installing software options-keys. At any time after purchase, the following features can be added: increase the upper frequency of the spectrum analyzer to 3 GHz, increase the upper frequency of the oscilloscope to 200, 350, 500 MHz or 1 GHz, signal generator, 16 digital channels, digital bus analyzer modules, etc.

Detailed description: Tektronix MDO3000


Tektronix AFG3000C Arbitrary Waveform and Standard Function Generators Standard and Arbitrary Signal Generators Tektronix AFG3000C

The Tektronix AFG3000C Series of Arbitrary Waveform and Standard Function Generators deliver top-notch performance and functionality, intuitive operation, and affordable pricing. AFG3000C generators can generate 12 standard signals and support 5 types of modulation. And with the powerful ArbExpress software included as standard, you can create arbitrary waveforms and load them into the instrument's internal memory for generation.

Depending on the generator model, the frequency of the generated sinusoidal signal ranges from 10 MHz to 240 MHz. All instruments in this series are equipped with a highly stable reference oscillator with a drift of only 0.000,001 per year. For ease of use, there are 25 shortcut keys for frequently used functions and settings. With all these qualities, the Tektronix AFG3000C arbitrary waveform and standard function generators are widely used in the development and testing of electronic devices, for simulating sensors, in functional testing and in the field of education.

Detailed description: Tektronix AFG3000C


ITECH IT7600 - programmable AC voltage and current sources (models: IT7622, IT7624, IT7626, IT7627, IT7628L, IT7628, IT7630, IT7632, IT7634, IT7636) Programmable AC voltage and current sources ITECH IT7600

The ITECH IT7600 series programmable power supplies are professional single-phase and three-phase AC voltage and current sources with flexible amplitude and shape control of output signals. The sources of this series use powerful digital signal processors (DSP), which allow you to form any signal with harmonic components in the range from 10 Hz to 5 kHz. In this case, the total power delivered to the load can reach 54 kVA. All models in this series include a built-in digital meter for output signal parameters, as well as an oscilloscope for visual control of their shape.

In addition to outputting AC voltage and current (AC mode), ITECH IT7600 series power supplies can generate DC voltages and currents (DC mode), and also provide output of signals containing both AC and DC components (AC+DC). With many innovative features and a wide range of output values, ITECH IT7600 power supplies are used in testing power plants, household and industrial electrical appliances, electric motors, generators and converters, widely used in alternative energy, as well as in many other areas where the ability to form single-phase and three-phase voltages with given parameters.

Detailed description: ITECH IT7600