EXFO FIP-500 video microscope for MPO optical connectors and other types

Microscope for multi-fiber and single optical connectors EXFO FIP-500

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Microscope for optical connectors EXFO FIP-500 announced in November 2020. It complements the existing line of fiber optic video microscopes. EXFO FIP-400B according to two essential features. First, the FIP-500 microscope inspects multifilament connectors (MPO, OptiTip, etc.) fully automatically (no need to press a mechanical switch to move the viewing area). Secondly, the FIP-500 microscope is completely autonomous, it is equipped with a touch screen, large memory, a capacious battery with an operating time of more than 7 hours and wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interfaces.

The video microscope for optical connectors EXFO FIP-500 automatically centers the image, focuses itself, adjusts the brightness, photographs the connector and analyzes its quality according to the IEC standard. After analysis, the result is automatically saved to the internal memory of the microscope. Nothing needs to be done manually, you can immediately connect to the next connector. You can download a full description of all the characteristics of EXFO FIP-500 on this page in the section Documentation.

Main characteristics:
Auto-centering, auto-focus, auto-brightness, auto-check, auto-save.
With the help of interchangeable nozzles, it can be connected to patch cords and patch panels of the following types:
MPO, OptiTip, QODC-12, LC, SC, ST, FC, OptiTap, etc.
Direct and angular polishing of the ends of the connectors is supported. Safe for the eyes.
Autocheck of purity and quality of connectors according to the international IEC standard.
High- quality IPS touch screen 6.1 cm.
Interfaces: USB-C (for battery charging), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.
Battery life: more than 7 hours. Rugged and comfortable case design.
Weight: 0.6 kg. Dimensions: 196 x 230 x 59 mm. Working temperature: from 0°С to +40°С.
Fully automated testing of MPO and OptiTip multi-fiber connectors

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Video review of the microscope for optical connectors EXFO FIP-500

This video demonstrates the EXFO FIP-500 microscope performing fully automatic testing of MPO multi-fiber optical connectors. The entire process of testing one such connector with the analysis of its quality for compliance with the standard takes less than 10 seconds.

This video also shows the main design features of the EXFO FIP-500 video microscope: a built-in touch screen, a bright LED test result indicator, a replaceable nozzle with a quick-change mechanism, and others.

Video review of the microscope for optical connectors EXFO FIP-500.

Excellent solution for testing multi-fiber optical connectors

The EXFO FIP-500 video microscope is an ideal solution for testing all types of modern multi-fiber multi-row optical connectors such as MPO, OptiTip, QODC-12, etc. The microscope design supports optical connectors containing up to four rows of fibers of 8, 12 or 16 fibers each ( i.e. up to 64 fibers in one connector).

The optical system of the EXFO FIP-500 Fiber Optic Microscope contains two LEDs that provide uniform illumination of the connector surface. Custom lenses with special geometry provide the most correct image without geometric distortion. A powerful 1.4GHz dual-core processor performs quality analysis of an MPO-12 connector in less than 10 seconds and an MPO-24 connector in less than 14 seconds. The connector image is displayed on a high-quality IPS screen, and the built-in memory is enough to store 1,800 MPO-12 connector analysis results.

With the EXFO FIP-500 microscope, checking the quality of optical connectors is convenient and fast
With the EXFO FIP-500 microscope, checking the quality of optical connectors is convenient and fast.


This photo shows the design of the ferrule (replaceable tip) for connecting to MPO connectors. Please note that the nozzle is specially made elongated so that it is convenient to work in cabinets with a high density of optical connectors.

EXFO FIP-500 microscope provides convenient connection to multi-fiber MPO connectors
Convenient connection to multi-fiber MPO connectors.

Design features of EXFO FIP-500 video microscope

The design of the EXFO FIP-500 microscope is ergonomic and thought out to the smallest detail. The location of its main functional parts is shown in the figure below.

1 - power button. 2 - battery status LED. 3 - interchangeable head for working with multi-fiber or single optical connectors. 4 - replaceable nozzle for connecting to different types of optical connectors (LC, SC, etc.). 5 - button for manual start (used at the request of the user). 6 - Autotest result LED "Pass / Fail". 7 - mechanism for quick replacement of the head and nozzle. 8 - touch capacitive IPS screen. 9 - protective buffer around the screen. 10 - ergonomic handle. 11 - the place of attachment of the wrist strap. 12 - USB-C port for battery charging.

Location of the main functional parts of the EXFO FIP-500 microscope
Location of the main functional parts of the EXFO FIP-500 microscope.


This photo shows how the removable nozzle changes to connect to different types of optical connectors. To replace, simply rotate the nozzle 90 degrees and remove it from the guide. This design is comfortable and reliable.

To replace the removable attachment of the EXFO FIP-500 video microscope, simply turn it 90 degrees
To replace the removable nozzle, simply turn it 90 degrees.

The main differences between different series of microscopes for optical connectors EXFO

Currently, the Canadian company EXFO produces two series of video microscopes for optical connectors: EXFO FIP-500 described on this page and EXFO FIP-400B.

Series EXFO FIP-400B has been produced for several years, contains five models of microscopes (three with USB connection and two with Wi-Fi connection). The FIP-400B series has simple models that simply show the connector, but do not analyze its quality. Also in the FIP-400B series there are fully automatic models, with auto-centering, auto-focus and auto-analysis.

A feature of FIP-400B microscopes is that they do not contain a built-in screen and to view the image of the connector, you must connect the microscope to a portable EXFO device (for example MaxTester 720C), computer or smartphone. The second feature of the FIP-400B series microscopes is related to the analysis of multi-fiber optical connectors, which are connected to nozzle FIPT-400-MF with mechanical switching of the viewing area of the connector surface, which is not as convenient as the full automation implemented in the EXFO FIP-500 microscope.

On the other hand, the new series EXFO FIP-500, which currently contains only one model, is ideal for quickly analyzing a large number of multi-fiber connectors, as it is fully automated and contains an integrated screen, powerful processor and large memory.

This PDF documentation contains the most complete description of the capabilities of the EXFO FIP-500 Optical Connector Microscope, its technical characteristics and modes of operation:

Description and characteristics of the microscope EXFO FIP-500 (in English) (7 pages; 3 MB)

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