Agilent N9912A FieldFox handheld spectrum analyzer up to 6 GHz

Agilent N9912A FieldFox – handheld spectrum analyzer

Product code: 1000193

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Frequency: 100 kHz - 4 GHz or 6 GHz.
Resolution (RBW): 10 Hz - 2 MHz.
Amplitude: +20 dBm to -145 dBm. Noise: -145 dBm.
Contains a built-in AFA analyzer (2 MHz - 4 or 6 GHz).
Measurements: spectrum analysis, signal analysis, transient analysis, tracking generator, channel scanner, field strength, signal/noise, bandwidth, ACPR, power, SWR, distance to fault, 2-port frequency response analysis, etc.

Attention! In accordance with manufacturer's documentation analyzer characteristics Agilent N9912A FieldFox are normalized in a narrow temperature range from +20 to +30 degrees, and when using the QuickCal built-in calibration function, the device needs to warm up for 90 minutes.

If you need an analyzer with a warm-up time of less than 5 minutes and a guaranteed operating temperature range of -10 to +55 degrees, see:
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Anritsu Spectrum Master MS2712E, MS2713E - Portable spectrum analyzers. 100 kHz - 6 GHz.
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Options for Agilent N9912A FieldFox spectrum analyzer

N9912A-104 4 GHz Cable and Antenna Analyzer
N9912A-106 6 GHz Cable and Antenna Analyzer
N9912A-110 Transmission Measurement
N9912A-111 QuickCal Function
N9912A-230 Spectrum Analyzer up to 4 GHz (requires Option 104)
N9912A-231 Spectrum Analyzer up to 6 GHz (requires Option 106)
N9912A-235 Spectrum Analyzer Preamplifier (requires Option 230 or 231)
N9912A-302 Supports external USB power converters Power Converters
N9912A-303 Network Analysis
N9912A-308 Vector Voltmeter


1 year. It is possible to extend the warranty period up to 3 years.



Agilent N9912A FieldFox Brochure (26 pages; 2.4 MB)