Agilent EXA N9010A series of laboratory spectrum analyzers up to 26.5 GHz

Agilent EXA N9010A – spectrum analyzers (9 kHz – 3.6; 7.0; 13.6 or 26.5 GHz)

Product code: 1000964

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Out of production. Recommended replacement: Anritsu MS2830A


The Agilent EXA N9010A delivers some of the best performance in any economy class analyzer:
- 30 to 300% faster than other economy class signal and spectrum analyzers
- 4 ms marker maximum search -
11.4 ms setup, measurement and transmission via GPIB
- Measurement mode switching speed - +13 dBm TOI (3rd order intercept)
- -146 dBm/Hz DANL (average self-noise)
- Absolute level error 0.3 dB



Agilent EXA N9010A advanced user interface

- Comprehensive help file built into EXA
- USB 2.0, 100bT LAN and GPIB
- LXI class-C compliant, embedded web server
- Windows XP Professional open operating system



The Agilent EXA N9010A Analyzer's Comprehensive Measurement Capabilities

- Spectrum analysis, Mobile WiMAXTM, W-CDMA, HSDPA/HSUPA and phase noise
- Work with popular 89601A VSA software



Agilent EXA N9010A Spectrum Analyzer Brief Specifications

Agilent EXA N9010A Spectrum Analyzer Brief Specifications


Agilent N9010A-503 - up to 3.6 GHz
Agilent N9010A-507 - up to 7 GHz
Agilent N9010A-513 - up to 13.6 GHz
Agilent N9010A-526 - up to 26.5 GHz


1 year. It is possible to extend the warranty period up to 3 years.

Agilent EXA N9010A analyzers are discontinued. See all new models here: spectrum analyzers.