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RF Measurements

Spectrum analyzers

Vector network analyzers

High frequency signal generators

Microwave wattmeters and microwave power sensors

Devices for mobile communications

AFU analyzers and SWR meters

Devices for radio monitoring and radio control

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC and EMI)

Devices for TV and radio broadcasting

Portable microwave devices

Measuring antennas and field probes

Microwave accessories

Telecommunication Measurements

Welding machines for FOCL

Optical reflectometers

Modular measurement platforms for FOCL

Optical testers (OLTS and ORL)

Optical power meters

Sources of optical radiation

Optical attenuators

Optical microscopes

Optical Spectrum Analyzers

CD and PMD dispersion analyzers

Laboratory and production equipment for FOCL

FOCL accessories

Ethernet/IP protocol analyzers

OTN/ROADM Protocol Analyzers

SDH/SONET Protocol Analyzers

PDH/DSn protocol analyzers

Fiber Channel protocol analyzers

IPTV / VoIP protocol analyzers

ADSL2+ / VDSL2 protocol analyzers

Electromagnetic Measurements


Laboratory power supplies

Multimeters laboratory

Functional and Arbitrary Waveform Signal Generators

Calibrators and standards

Electronic loads

LCR (RLC) Meters

Logic analyzers and protocol analyzers

Frequency counters and frequency standards

Thermal imagers

Equipment manufacturing companies

Anritsu Company

EXFO Company


Tektronix Company

Keithley Company


Pico Technology Co.

ITECH Company

Aaronia Company

Schwarzbeck Company

Rohde & Schwarz

Company Hameg


JDSU Company

Company Advantest

Yokogawa Company

LP Technologies

AMETEK company

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