EXFO FPM-600 Optical Power Meter Series

Universal optical power meter EXFO FPM-600, 602, 602X

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The EXFO FPM-600 Universal Optical Power Meter is part of the EXFO handheld instrument series which includes: Universal optical tester EXFO FOT-600 and Optical light source EXFO FLS-600.

The EXFO FPM-600 is the ideal line status instrument, its red/green LED indicator lets you judge whether the line is good or bad according to the thresholds you set, making field measurements faster and easier.

With a memory capacity of 1000 results and data conversion software, the FPM600 facilitates data management and allows you to transfer results to a PC via USB.

The EXFO FPM-600 Universal Optical Power Meter is a very powerful tool for the most demanding measurements such as evaluating high speed DWDM and CWDM networks. With 40 calibrated wavelengths, the power meter allows you to measure user-defined wavelengths using an interpolation method between calibrated values. To measure switching on or fluctuations (instability) in the power of a transmission system, you can use the minimum/maximum power capture function.


Technical features of EXFO FPM-600 universal optical power meter

- Highly accurate, wide dynamic range and measurement of high power levels (up to 26 dBm);
- Memory capacity for 1000 entries; data transfer to PC via USB port;
- User-configurable pass/fail thresholds with LED indicator;
- More than 40 calibrated wavelengths and the function of capturing Min / Max power values;
- Error-free and time-saving testing features: automatic wavelength detection, does not require zeroing, compatible with 300 series instruments, FOT-930 MaxTester and FTB-3930 module;
- Visual flaw detector (VFL) allows you to quickly and easily find faults;
- Low cost of ownership: three-year calibration period.


Ready for FTTx

The EXFO FPM-600 Universal Optical Power Meter from EXFO allows testing passive optical networks (PONs) at 1310nm, 1490nm and 1550nm, the three wavelengths recommended by ITU-T (G.983.3) for PON.

Like all EXFO portable instruments, the FPM600 is built with a lot of durability in mind, making it ideal for tough environments. The instrument also has a built-in backlight for the screen and keyboard, which makes it easier to work in low light, and moreover, the operation of the instrument is powered by a rechargeable battery.


Specifications of EXFO FPM-600 Universal Optical Power Meter

Specifications of EXFO FPM-600 Universal Optical Power Meter


Modifications of EXFO FPM-600 universal optical power meter

- FPM-602 = Ge detector
- FPM-602X = High power Ge detector


1 year. It is possible to extend the warranty period up to 3 years.


This PDF documentation contains the most comprehensive description of the EXFO FPM-600 Optical Power Meter's capabilities, specifications and modes of operation.

Description of optical power meter EXFO FPM-600 (in English) (4 pages; 1 MB)