Series of optical testers (with ORL) EXFO FOT-930 MaxTester II

Series of optical testers (with ORL) EXFO FOT-930 MaxTester II

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Out of production. Recommended replacement: EXFO Max Tester 945



The new EXFO FOT-930 MaxTester is a multi-functional optical tester designed to help providers reduce investment in equipment acquisition and operation, allow builders to easily adapt to all types of networks, provide cable TV operators with an all-in-one solution for measuring reverse loss, fiber length, power measurements, including elevated power levels, and link loss. Combined with a video microscope, this instrument makes it easy to detect dirty and damaged connectors, providing a clear display of connectors and fiber ends on the FOT930's high resolution screen.



The EXFO FOT-930 MaxTester tester is an all-in-one device that combines up to eight tools:
- loss tester;
- power meter;
- return optical loss meter (ORL);
- visual flaw detector;
- multimode and single-mode radiation sources;
- digital intercom;
- fiber length meter;
- video microscope.


Advantages of EXFO FOT-930 MaxTester Multifunctional Optical Tester

Since it is much easier and faster to learn how to operate a single instrument, professionals should choose an all-in-one instrument that will allow them to perform tasks such as building high-speed backbone networks, testing at 1310/1490/1550 nm on FTTx networks, performing multimode network testing enterprises, etc. – i.e. a solution that can perform all functions, such as the FOT-930 MaxTester.

Main advantages for all types of networks:
- fast measurement of loss and ORL at three wavelengths;
- user-configurable pass/fail thresholds, allow you to eliminate measurement errors;
- the only device designed to test both single-mode and multimode fibers;
- video microscope, allows you to view the status of connectors and fiber ends on the FOT-930 screen with high resolution;
- GeX detector, allows you to measure high power signals up to +26 dBm
- Full range of reporting capabilities;
- additional: intercom and visual flaw detector;
- easy to use, reduced training time, allows faster testing and minimizes the number of potential errors.



Technical features of EXFO FOT-930 MaxTester multifunctional optical tester

- two FasTest ports: a three-wavelength single-mode port, including either 1625 or 1490 nm, and a two-wavelength multimode port, which allows a total of four to five wavelengths;
- automatic measurement of ORL and fiber length during FasTesT;
- visual analysis of losses and ORL according to the criterion "good / bad";
- replaceable batteries in the field;
- easily accessible connectors;
- large color screen 320x240;
- storage of more than 1000 measurement results, with automated report generation;
- additionally: high power detector, intercom, visual flaw detector (VFL) and video microscope;
- does not require zeroing;
- internal InGaAs detector for the FasTesT function.



The FOT-930 software automatically organizes measurement data into easy to read and understand tables. With an intuitive user interface and integrated measurement functions, the testing process is greatly simplified, taking the friendliness of the software to a new level.
With EXFO FOT-930 you can:
- select preset test parameters and pass/fail thresholds;
- configure user parameters and cable identification parameters;
- add operator's comments;
- Generate reports on ORL measurements, bi-directional loss (at three wavelengths) and fiber length measurements.



The growing adoption of optical fibers by network service providers and cable television operators is leading builders to hire subcontractors. These subcontractors must provide appropriate reporting documentation confirming that the measurements were carried out according to the specifications.

EXFO's FOT-930 MaxTester easily and efficiently provides complete and high quality measurement documentation. Data processing and management features allow users to quickly access data and download results to any PC via the RS-232 port for detailed analysis and first-class reporting.
Built-in help and a choice of interface languages greatly increase the efficiency of the user's work.


Specifications of the multifunctional optical tester EXFO FOT-930 MaxTester

Specifications of the multifunctional optical tester EXFO FOT-930 MaxTester


Modifications of multifunctional optical testers EXFO FOT-930 MaxTester

- FOT-932 = Ge detector, two wavelengths 1310/1550 nm
- FOT-932-4 = Ge detector, three wavelengths 1310/1550/1625 nm
- FOT-932-5 = Ge detector, three wavelengths 1310/1490/1550 nm
- FOT- 932X = GeX detector, two wavelengths 1310/1550 nm
- FOT-932X-4 = GeX detector, three wavelengths 1310/1550/1625 nm
- FOT-932X-5 = GeX detector, three wavelengths 1310/1490/1550 nm
- FOT-933 = InGaAs detector, two wavelengths 1310/1550 nm
- FOT-933-4 = InGaAs detector, three wavelengths 1310/1550/1625 nm
- FOT-933-5 = InGaAs detector, three wavelengths 1310/1490/1550 nm
- FTB-932-MM = Ge detector (only with second multimode source)


1 year. It is possible to extend the warranty period up to 3 years.