Power Meter Series for PON and FTTx EXFO PPM-350C Optical Networks

Power Meter Series for PON and FTTx EXFO PPM-350C Optical Networks

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When were the first networks installed?FTTH, EXFO was the first to introduce equipment for their testing, namely, it developed and implemented a technology for the simultaneous measurement of forward and reverse flows using a transparent connection. EXFO introduced the PPM-350 meter series, which instantly took the lead in the meter market. pon– To date, sales have amounted to more than 21,000 meters, which have played an important role in most PON installations around the world.

EXFO PPM-350C power meters (models PPM-350C and PPM-352C) have been designed to be the best power meters for PON, FTTx networks. The PPM350C Series allows you to quickly test all PON signals anywhere in the network. New dough management options and increased durability increase the efficiency of your daily operations.



With its improved all-weather design and simple user interface, and by further building on the strengths of its predecessor PPM-350B, new power meters for pon The PPM-350C series make testing much easier FTTx. The devices allow you to quickly obtain reliable results even in the most difficult weather conditions.

PPM-350C acts as a pass-through device, measuring and displaying all signals simultaneously pon– voice, data and video. This patent-protected technology facilitates testing when commissioning services or troubleshooting. Also EXFO PPM-350C allows you to store up to 1000 measurement results, which you can download to your computer via USB interface.


Technical features of power meters for PON EXFO PPM-350C series

- Working wavelengths 1310, 1490 and 1550 nm.
- Designed for speeds of 155 and 622 Mbps, 1 and 2.5 Gbps.
- Ability to measure the signal on the working line (insertion into the gap between OLT and ONT).
- Dual port design.
- Durable, all-weather housing.
- Possibility of successful work with the device by untrained personnel.
- Programming and data processing using a personal computer.


Specifications of PPM-350C Series Power Meters

Technical Features of PPM-350C Series Power Meters (PPM-352C, PPM-353C Models)


1 year. It is possible to extend the warranty period up to 3 years.

Technical description of EXFO PPM-350C series power meters (5.15 MB)

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