Active Fiber ID + Tone Generator EXFO LFD-300, TG-300

Active Fiber ID + Tone Generator EXFO LFD-300, TG-300

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Combines 3 test instruments in one housing: Active Fiber ID, Active Fiber Detector, Dark Fiber ID.

- Locates a specific active fiber with the EXFO FiberFinder
- Introduces minimal loss: 1 dB for any fiber at any wavelength
- Locates a specific dark fiber with a 270Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz tone
- Measures the power of the signal transmitted over the fiber


Determination of dark and active fiber

Network upgrades or fiber testing require the fiber to be disconnected. In practice, this is easier said than done. finding the right fiber is often difficult due to missing labels or incorrect labeling. If a dark fiber can still be identified using a tone generator (270Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz), then the identification of an active fiber is often carried out by the “old-fashioned” method - one repairman pulls on one end of the patch cord, and the other tries to understand which patch cord is twitching on the other side . In other words, the process is time-consuming and results in an undesirable interruption in network services.

The LFD300 FiberFinder, bundled with the TG300 tone generator, enables repairers to identify a specific active fiber without disconnecting it, and last but not least, without having to guess and risk disconnecting the wrong fiber.

Key Benefits:
- No network outages during fiber detection and identification
- Minimized need for physical access to the fiber helps reduce connection errors


Specifications of EXFO Active Fiber ID LFD-300/TG-300

Specifications of Active Fiber ID with Built-in Tone Generator EXFO LFD-300/TG-300 FiberFinder


1 year. It is possible to extend the warranty period up to 3 years.