Functional signal generator up to 50 MHz Rohde & Schwarz AM300

Functional signal generator up to 50 MHz Rohde & Schwarz AM300



The Rohde & Schwarz AM300 Dual Channel Arbitrary Function Generator provides high spectrum purity and a wide range of functions at an affordable price.
This is one of the devices of the new Smart Instruments series.
With superior performance, the AM300 reproduces digitally generated signals with virtually no distortion - even at high frequencies and output levels. The R&S AM300 therefore satisfies the requirements for reference signal sources in many situations.
The two channels of the instrument are precisely matched in phase, thus allowing the generation of analog I/Q signals that can be modulated by, for example, the R&S SM300 RF signal generator.
The upper frequency limit is 35 MHz for sine and 50 MHz for square wave, providing enough headroom for future applications.


Technical features

- 2 shaping channels with separate settings for frequency, amplitude and waveform selection
- Sample rate up to 100 MS/s from 0 to 50 MHz
- Adjustable phase shift in 0.010 steps
- Harmonic suppression for sine wave (1 MHz) at 70 dB ( typ .)
- waveform memory 256000 points/channel
- vertical resolution 14 bits
- standard functions: sine, triangle, sawtooth, exponential, square wave, noise and pulses
- modulation types: AM, FM, PM, FSK, PSK
- high stability oscillator frequency reference
- slightly fluctuating clock generator
- burst, gating and sweep
functions - large color display with zoom function
- USB interface (including USB file management)
- Optional Waveform Composer software


Typical Applications for AM300 Arbitrary Waveform Generator

- source of high quality modulation signal
- generation of two signals with a precise ratio of time or phase shifts
- verification of control circuits (for example, AGC systems)
- generation of test signals, for example, simulation of sensor signals, including a given additive
noise - signal generation from digitized data to reconstruct real - Source of I/Q modulation signals
to generate a wide variety of broadband digitally modulated signals
- Pulse and burst generator
Combinations of signal conditioning with two conditioning channels in the AM300 increase versatility and flexibility.


High quality modulation source

Available modulation modes include: AM, FM, PM, FSK, PSK. The required signal can be selected from a set of standard forms, or defined by the user. With its wide range of signal modulation capabilities, the R&S AM 300 can be used in measurement labs, training centers and universities just as well as in R&D, service and production.


Precise setting of time and phase relationships

The R&S AM300 generates signals with a precisely defined time or phase shift to test the performance of detector circuits (eg a phase detector).


Complex test and arbitrary waveforms

The R&S AM300 generates a wide range of complex standard waveforms, together with the ability to combine them, including modulation and work with functional signal packets, to generate complex waveforms for testing electronic circuits in quality control services.
Using Waveform Composer signal conditioning software, you can shape a waveform with any waveform imaginable. In addition, the instrument allows you to import data in a wide range of formats and combine them with user-defined waveforms. The signal conditioner software also supports data file formats used by oscilloscopes, for example. Synchronization with recorded signals can be provided using markers.




1 year. It is possible to extend the warranty period up to 3 years.