A series of optical reflectometers up to 37 dB EXFO AXS-100, AXS-110

A series of optical reflectometers up to 37 dB EXFO AXS-100, AXS-110

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Out of production. Recommended replacement: EXFO MaxTester 715B



Optical reflectometers AXS-100 and AXS-110 manufactured by a well-known Canadian company EXFO and are positioned as an inexpensive and high-quality solution for access networks, PON/FFTx networks and SCS.

Main characteristics and models:
- single mode 1310 nm and 1550 nm, 29 dB (model AXS-100-023B).
- single mode 1310 nm and 1550 nm, 37 dB (model AXS-110-023B).
- multimode 850 nm and 1300 nm, 25 dB (model AXS-110-12CD).
- multimode 850 nm, 1300 nm and single mode 1310 nm, 1550 nm (model AXS-110-12CD-23B).
There are also models with wavelengths: 850, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550 and 1625 nm.
Dead zone by events: 2.5 m for AXS-100 and 0.8 m at AXS-110.
Operating range on a real line: up to 70 km (for AXS-100) and up to 95 km (for AXS-110).
Number of trace points: up to 30,000 for AXS-100 and up to 64,000 for AXS-110.
There is a built-in power meter (option PM2X) and a visual flaw detector (option VFL). Can be connected to a video microscope FIP-400 (option FP4S).
reflectometer Russified! Free PC software included.
Memory: 500 reflectograms. Battery life: up to 8 hours. Interfaces: USB.
Weight: 1.0 kg. Dimensions: 250 x 125 x 75 mm. Working temperature: from -18°С to +50°С.
Out of production. Recommended replacement: EXFO MaxTester 715B

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When buying a set of equipment (for example reflectometer+fiber splicer) will receive an additional discount. All details can be found by phone: (044) 338-11-77, (097) 650-11-77, (095) 650-11-77, (093) 650-11-77.



Optical reflectometers for access networks AXS-100 and AXS-110, manufactured by EXFO combine the leading technologies of reflectometry, the functions of a power meter and a visual flaw detector (transmission) in one hand-held device. A video microscope can also be connected to the EXFO AXS-100 and AXS-110 reflectometers. The AXS100 and AXS110 are compact, rugged and lightweight OTDRs
optimized for testing optical networks, including access networks, FTTx-PON, LAN and WAN.

device EXFO AXS-110 optimized for testing Passive Optical Networks (pon) in architectures FTTx. The OTDR is offered in multiple wavelength configurations and a wide range of accessories to achieve first-class flexibility. You can use it to test Optical Network Terminals (ONTs), end terminals or distribution panels to evaluate the performance of FTTH distribution fibers, troubleshoot and locate defects.


AXS-100 series: four models to choose from

The AXS-100 reflectometer series provides the user with all the necessary functions when working with medium-range fiber optic lines. All reflectometers have an extremely small dead zone and an excellent dynamic range, four models are included in the series, which allows you to choose the device that best suits your requirements.


Features of reflectometers for access networks EXFO AXS-100 and AXS-110

- one device for testing single-mode and multimode (50 and 62.5 microns) fibers.
- wavelengths 850, 1300, 1310 and 1550 nm with dynamic ranges of 24, 25, 32 and 30 dB, respectively.
- an extremely small event dead zone of 0.8 m allows you to accurately detect and evaluate all types of defects.
- one-touch testing, final reports, macrobend detection.
- easy to use: one-button testing in combination with EXFO's special FTTx testing software (functions: finding defects and macrobends, pass/fail indicators).
- a wide range of additional functions: power meter, visual flaw detector (VFL), video microscope, printer and IP test function.
- the mode of finding defects allows you to quickly detect a broken fiber.
- Flexibility in connection options: compatibility with external USB drives, data download via USB port using ActiveSync software.
- high-quality color TFT screen allows you to work with the device in direct sunlight and other adverse environmental conditions.
- manual, lightweight, small-sized device: 1 kg.
- Rugged construction for field work.
- Troubleshooting function allows testing of active networks at wavelengths other than operating wavelengths.


Easy and Reliable FTTx Testing

The EXFO AXS-100 Access Optical OTDR makes testing FTTx networks an easy task. Just connect the fiber, press the FasTrace button and view the result. This handheld instrument is unrivaled in ease of use, even for those with minimal knowledge of optical fiber testing and reflectometry.

The specially designed FTTx testing software package allows you to view all the results at a glance and easily evaluate the condition of the link. Without any further analysis, you can view fiber length data and a detailed status report, and even check for macrobends.

Troubleshooting Function on Active PON Networks:
The AXS-100 Access OTDR has been specially designed for troubleshooting on live PON networks. The instrument can be equipped with an optional separate test port at 1625 nm, which contains a filter that filters out all unwanted signals (1310, 1490 and 1550 nm) that may adversely affect the quality of scatter measurements.
With such a reflectometer, troubleshooting on the optical fibers carrying signals does not interfere with normal operation and does not affect the expected performance of information channels. The AXS100 does not interfere with the operation of the laser transmitters at the Central Site, as it uses a wavelength that is outside the operating range, as recommended by ITU-T L.41 (Maintenance Wavelength on Fibers Carrying Signals).


Fault finding function - visual flaw detector (option VFL)

A visual flaw detector, or as it is also called: translucent, is great for detecting macrobends, defective welds or bad connections, as well as mixed up and mislabeled fibers. To do this, a laser with a wavelength of 650 nm and a universal connector is additionally installed in the AXS-100 and AXS-110 reflectometers, which generates a bright red light visible at the far end of the fiber at a distance of 5-7 kilometers.


Built-in power meter with GeX type detector (option PM2X)

An optional power meter for the AXS-100 and AXS-110 allows operation in the wavelength range from 800 to 1650 nm and the power measurement range from -60 to +26 dBm (GeX detector). The power meter is also calibrated to support CWDM wavelengths. The power meter has a recommended calibration period of three years, greatly reducing the cost of ownership.



Connecting a video microscope FIP-400 to determine the status of connectors (options FP4S and SK3)

In any optical network, the connectors must be kept clean and in good condition, and this is not always easy when working in the field. By using universal video microscope EXFO FIP-400 you can quickly and easily check the condition of the surfaces of connectors or fibers and view their high-resolution enlarged image on the screen of the AXS-100 and AXS-110 reflectometers. You can then save these images to a file for later documentation.

Connecting a FIP-400 video microscope to determine the status of connectors (options FP4S and SK3)


Technical characteristics of hand-held reflectometers for access networks EXFO AXS-100, AXS-110

Technical characteristics of hand-held reflectometers for access networks EXFO AXS-100, AXS-110


Delivery set of optical reflectometers EXFO AXS-100, AXS-110

- reflectometer AXS-100 or AXS-110
- 2 batteries GP-1001
- mains adapter/charger adapter
- soft carrying bag GP-10-061
- bag strap
- software CD EXFO ToolBox Office
- quick reference guide
- detailed user manual in Russian (in pdf format)
- universal detachable optical port adapter EUI-XX (FC, SC, ST, etc.)
- warranty: 1 year (it is possible to extend the warranty period up to 3 years)


Options and accessories for optical reflectometers EXFO AXS-100, AXS-110

Name Short description
Main Models:  
AXS-100-023B single mode 1310 and 1550 nm, 29 dB
AXS-110-23B single mode 1310 and 1550 nm, 37 dB
AXS-110-12CD multimode 850 and 1300 nm, 25 dB
AXS-110-12CD-23B single mode 1310 and 1550 nm, 32 dB + multimode 850 and 1300 nm, 25 dB
Special Models:  
AXS-100-003B Access OTDR 1550nm, 28dB
AXS-100-034B Access OTDR 1550/1625nm, 28/28dB. (Second port option not available)
AXS-100-000-04B Filtered 1625nm, 28dB second port option for live fiber testing
AXS-100-023-04B Access OTDR 1310/1550nm, 29/28 dB first port and Filtered 1625nm, 28dB second port option for live fiber testing
AXS-110-000-04B Filtered 1625nm, 35dB second port option for live fiber testing
AXS-110-023B-04B Access OTDR 1310/1550nm, 37/35 dB first port and Filtered 1625nm, 37dB second port option for live fiber testing
AXS-110-236 All Fiber OTDR 1310/1550/1490nm, 37/35/33dB
PM2X integrated GeX power meter
VFL built-in flaw detector (illumination)
SK3+FP4S video microscope for connectors FIP-400-P-SINGLE, magnification 400 times

Description of hand-held reflectometers for access networks EXFO AXS-100, AXS-110 (11 pages; 1.9 MB)

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