Handheld spectrum analyzer, cables and antennas up to 1.6 GHz Anritsu S312D

Handheld spectrum analyzer, cables and antennas up to 1.6 GHz Anritsu S312D

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Out of production. Recommended replacement: Anritsu LMR Master S412E



The Anritsu Site Master S312D Portable Spectrum Analyzer for Mobile Networks operates
from 25 MHz to 1.6 GHz (Option 2 extends the lower part of the range to 2 MHz, and Option 16 extends the upper part of the range up to 6 GHz) and is used in the installation and maintenance of wireless communication systems equipment, including the following areas of communication: microwave equipment, television and radio broadcasting, paging and cellular communications, mobile radio stations (LMR), public safety systems, RF characteristics of P25 and TETRA radio transmitters in the ranges 400 MHz, 700 MHz and 800 MHz, etc.

Out of production. Recommended replacement: Anritsu LMR Master S412E.

The SiteMaster S312D measures: Return Loss, SWR, Cable Attenuation, Distance to Cable Fault, Radiated Power. In addition, the Site Master S312D has a built-in spectrum analyzer from 100 kHz to 1.6 GHz. Can be equipped with a GPS receiver.

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Anritsu LMR Master S412E - Portable analyzer of trunking communication systems (P25, NXDN, TETRA). 500 kHz - 1.6 or 6 GHz.
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Technical features of the portable analyzer Anritsu Site Master S312D

- portable, battery powered, weight with battery 2.5 kg, size 25 x 17.5 x 6 (cm);
- built-in spectrum analyzer from 100 kHz to 1.6 GHz;
- built-in system of the most used signal standards and frequency channels;
- high noise immunity and immunity to interference;
- large range and high resolution for finding inhomogeneities in the cable;
- the ability to select the type of cable under test from a list of more than 95 positions;
- the ability to work in any climatic conditions;
- the ability to work with the device in different languages: English, German, French, etc.;
- Intuitive and easy-to-use interface;
- the ability to save up to 25 user configurations of test parameters and up to 300 measurement results in flash memory;
- the ability to set up to 6 markers, measurement limits and measurement ranges;
- number of measurement points 130, 259 and 517 for optimal resolution and finding inhomogeneities in the cable at long distances;
- automatic setting of the time and date of saving the results;
- calibration module FlexCal simplifies instrument calibration;
- measurement of the distance to the inhomogeneity in the cable in feet or meters;
- prompt system with typical values of attenuation and signal propagation speed in the cable;
- sweep speed - power measurement error: ± 1 dB;
- overvoltage protection;
- RS232 interface;
- color display.

Additional options:
- extension of the frequency range from 2 MHz to 1600 MHz (option 2);
- power monitor with external measuring detector (option 5);
- DC bias generator from +12 to +24 V in 1 V steps (option 10A);
- extension of the frequency range up to 6 GHz (option 16);
- high-precision power meter PSN50 (option 19);
- measurement of transmission line parameters (option 21);
- interference (interference) analysis, directional antenna required (option 25);
- channel scanner (option 27);
- microwave generator (option 28);
- power meter that does not require an external measuring detector (option 29);
- GPS receiver (option 31).


Handheld Software Tools

The Anritsu Site Master S312D analyzer contains many built-in calculation and documentation functions. To perform additional processing on a computer, use the Handheld Software Tools, which is included as standard with the instrument. With this software, the measurement results made by the Anritsu Site Master S312D analyzer can be transferred to a computer, examined and stored.


Contents of delivery

The Site Master S312D package includes PC data processing software, carrying bag, rechargeable battery, mains power supply, +12V car cigarette lighter power adapter, RS232 cable for connecting to a computer, and instruction manual.


1 year. It is possible to extend the warranty period up to 3 years.