Portable base station analyzers up to 3 GHz Anritsu MT8212B

Portable base station analyzers up to 3 GHz Anritsu MT8212B

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Out of production. Recommended replacement: Anritsu Cell Master MT8212E



The Anritsu Cell Master MT8212 B is an indispensable testing tool for deploying, maintaining and troubleshooting wireless base stations. Made in the form of a single unit, lightweight, portable, battery-powered Cell Master combines the functions of an antenna-feeder path analyzer (AFT), a spectrum analyzer, an AM / FM signal demodulator, a power meter, a channel scanner, a transmission analyzer (GSM and CDMA) , TX Analyzer for 2-Port Devices, Interference Analyzer, GPS Receiver, and T1/E1 Analyzer.

Out of production. Recommended replacement: Anritsu MT8212E.

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When installing and maintaining communications equipment and networks, the Cell Master MT8212B greatly simplifies the task by eliminating the need for engineers and technicians to run and analyze a large number of tests, including tests such as: transmitter analysis (GSM, CDMA, cdmaOne, CDMA2000 1xRTT, and CDMA2000 1xEV- DO), transmission analysis for two-port devices, interference analysis, channel scanner, GPS receiver, carrier signal generator (LNA, repeater or base station receiver sensitivity tests), T1/E1 stream analysis.



The measurement capabilities of the Anritsu Cell Master MT8212B include: Accurate Return Loss, SWR, Cable Loss, Distance to Problem, Signal Type Identification, Interference Analysis, Channel Power, Adjacent Channel Power Ratio, Field Strength, Transmitter Power, Code Bit Width , power measurements, dual-port measurements, multi-transmitted signal measurements, and T1/E1 stream analysis, including DS0/VF channel monitoring. High noise immunity ensures accurate, repeatable measurement results. The PC software will help you process the results and generate a report.



Specifications of Anritsu Cell Master MT8212B Base Station Analyzer

- Built-in analyzer of antenna-feeder paths in the range 25 MHz to 4 GHz;
- Built-in spectrum analyzer in the frequency range 100 kHz to 3 GHz;
- Built-in high-precision power meter for continuous and modulated signals in the frequency range 4.5 MHz to 3 GHz;
- Built-in GPS system providing position information (latitude, longitude, altitude) as well as UTC (Coordinated Universal Time);
- RF measurements in GSM systems - channel power, occupied frequency band, carrier frequency, frequency error, TSC (training sequence code), etc.;
- RF measurements, demodulation and on-air measurements in cdmaOne and CDMA2000 1xRTT, 1xEV-DO networks to check the performance of base stations;
- Channel scan tool to measure the frequency, bandwidth and power of multiple transmitted signals in AMPS, iDEN, GSM and TDMA networks;
- Built-in signal source for measuring transmission parameters in 2-port devices in the frequency range from 25 MHz to 3 GHz;
- Analyzer of mutual interference (interference) causing interruption of connections and problems in coverage areas;
- Fully functional E1/T1 signal testing to simplify the task of identifying the source of problems;
- Portable field instrument powered by rechargeable batteries (2.28 kg including battery);
- Standard color TFT display with a wide viewing angle and the ability to view in bright sunlight;
- Intuitive and easy-to-use on-screen settings, a set of functions launched by pressing one button;
- Ability to save 25 complete settings and up to 200 data traces;
- Dedicated PC software for storing, analyzing test data and generating professional reports.



The Anritsu Cell Master MT8212B analyzer package includes: PC software, bag, battery, AC/DC power supply, 12 V adapter (possibility of charging and operation from car cigarette lighter), RS232 null modem cable and user manual.



1 year. It is possible to extend the warranty period up to 3 years.