Anritsu MG3690B RF Signal Generator Series up to 67 GHz

Anritsu MG3690B RF Signal Generator Series up to 67 GHz

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Out of production. Recommended replacement: Anritsu MG3690C Microwave Generator Series



The Anritsu MG3690B series of microwave generators consists of 6 different models of high performance signal generators covering the frequency range from 0.1 Hz to 67 GHz with a resolution of 0.01 Hz. With an external multiplier box, the operating frequency of the MG3690B can be increased up to 325 GHz.

The MG3690B series of microwave generators features high output power, fast switching speed and best-in-class spectral purity. For example, the MG3690B is guaranteed to provide +21 dBm dynamic range at 20 GHz with -94 dBc/Hz phase noise at 1 kHz offset and 5 ms switching speed per point. The level of performance is so high that it does not require external amplification, allows you to perform the most complex spectral frequency tests and significantly reduces the time required for such measurements. If the speed of 5 ms per point is not fast enough, it is possible to switch the instrument to the optional analog unit and take measurements at even faster speeds.



Technical Features of Anritsu Microwave Generators MG3690B Series

- Frequency resolution 0.01 Hz;
- Internal frequency stability - Phase shift: in 0.1° steps;
- High frequency switching speed: 5 ms (typical) for a step of 1 GHz;
- Weight: maximum 18 kg;
- Overall dimensions 133 (height) x 429 (width) x 450 (depth) mm;
- Power supply 85-264 V AC 48-440 Hz (up to 250 VA);
- Time of an exit to an operating mode: 30 minutes (standard).



The phase noise characteristics of the MG3690B can be selected from three different quality levels: standard, low, and ultra low, depending on the application. The frequency sweep can be digital, or using a super fast analog down sweep. Amplitude, Frequency, Phase and Pulse modulations are possible both external and internal. Optional software simplifies the use of these modulations and allows you to load user-defined modulation waveforms. For IQ modulation, the IF input option makes it easy to upconvert an external IQ modulated signal. In addition, the Power Monitor Option provides a power meter option, and a “Modulation Scan Function” is also available to simulate the rotation of the antenna base.


Rugged housing and robust construction



Anritsu MG3691B (up to 10 GHz)
Anritsu MG3692B (up to 20 GHz)
Anritsu MG3693B (up to 30 GHz)
Anritsu MG3694B (up to 40 GHz)
Anritsu MG3695B (up to 50 GHz)
Anritsu MG3696B (up to 67 (325) GHz)


3 years. It is possible to extend the warranty period up to 5 years.


Description of Anritsu Microwave Generators MG3690B Series (8 pages; 1.7 MB)

Specifications for Anritsu Microwave Generators MG3690B Series (20 pages; 781 KB)