Anritsu MG3690C RF Signal Generator Series up to 70 GHz

Anritsu MG3690C - High Frequency Signal Generators (Models: MG3692C, MG3694C, MG3695C, MG3697C)

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High Frequency Signal Generator Series Anritsu MG3690C are excellent RF/Microwave laboratory instruments that combine best-in-class phase noise and generated bandwidth performance. The set of capabilities of the generators of this series allows them to be effectively used in the design and manufacture of high-frequency systems, for testing microwave components, for modeling signals in the development and maintenance of radars or communication systems. The Anritsu MG3690C series generators are also great for general laboratory applications.

The series consists of four models: MG3692C (up to 20 GHz), MG3694C (up to 40 GHz), MG3695C (up to 50 GHz) and MG3697C (up to 70 GHz). With the help of additional multipliers, the frequency range of these generators can be increased up to 500 GHz. You can download a full description of all the characteristics of these generators below on this page in the section Documentation.

Main characteristics:
Frequency: 0.1 Hz - 20 GHz (model MG3692C).
Frequency: 0.1 Hz - 40 GHz (model MG3694C).
Frequency: 0.1 Hz - 50 GHz (model MG3695C).
Frequency: 0.1 Hz - 70 GHz (model MG3697C).
Frequencies: 0.1 Hz - 10 MHz (option 22). Frequencies: 8 MHz - 2 GHz (options 4 or 5).
Output power (with options 2 and 15): -120 dBm to +25 dBm.
Amplitude Accuracy: ±1 dB (up to 40 GHz), ±1.5 dB (up to 60 GHz).
Phase noise at 10 GHz (with option 3): -115 dBc/Hz (100 kHz offset).
Modulation (option 28): AM, FM, FM, IM. Built-in attenuator (option 2).
Built-in function and pulse generator (option 27).
Screen: graphic. Interfaces: Ethernet, IEEE-488 (GPIB).
Weight: 18 kg. Dimensions: 429 x 133 x 450 mm. Working temperature: from +0°С to +50°С.
Versatile range of generators with excellent performance

Anritsu MG3690C Series Signal Generator Video Review

In this video, a company representative Anritsu and technical journal editor Microwaves & RF discuss the Anritsu MG3690C signal generator series. The conversation takes place at the Anritsu booth. Speaking about the exceptional capabilities of this series, the representative of the company emphasized the capabilities of these generators for the development and verification of radars, including the ability to simulate up to four separate responses with a given delay.

At the end of the video, we talk about the use of MG3690C generators for the development and tuning of modern telecommunications equipment using various types of QAM modulation. The minimum phase noise of this generator provides the level of introduced vector error EVM less than 0.1% at 10 GHz, due to which the generator practically does not introduce additional errors into the measurement results of the characteristics of the studied telecommunication equipment.

A short video review of the Anritsu MG3690C series RF signal generators.


The Anritsu MG369xC Series High Frequency Measurement Signal Generators are synthesized sinusoidal signal sources with high amplitude and frequency accuracy. Devices of this series allow you to generate both a pure sinusoidal signal of a given frequency, and with various types of modulation (AM, FM, FM and IM). It is also possible to perform wideband and narrowband stepping from 2 GHz to 67 GHz. Options 4, 5 and 22 allow you to extend the lower limit of the frequency range down to 0.1 Hz, that is, you can cover the frequency range from 0.1 Hz to 70 GHz with one device. All functions of this series of signal generators are fully controlled via front panel controls or remotely via the IEEE-488 General Purpose Bus (GPIB).

It is also possible to generate trains of two, three or four pulses with independently adjustable repetition rate and pulse width, which makes these signal generators particularly suitable for radio echo simulation. This feature is very useful in the development and tuning of radars.

Expanding the capabilities of Anritsu MG3690C generators with options

As standard, the MG3690C Series can generate a pure sine wave from 2 GHz up to the corresponding model's upper range (20 GHz, 40 GHz, 50 GHz, or 70 GHz). The minimum power of this signal is limited to -20 dBm. The maximum signal power depends on the generator model and the set frequency and is in the range from +3 dBm to +19 dBm. Also in the basic configuration there is no possibility to modulate the output signal.

To significantly expand the capabilities of the basic configuration of the generator, the developer of this series offers more than 20 different options, the installation of which significantly expands the capabilities and improves the characteristics of the device in terms of frequencies, power range, signal spectral purity, modulations, etc. The main options are listed below on this page under Options and accessories. For a complete list of extension options with a detailed description, see below on this page in the section Documentation.

Physically, most of the options are printed circuit boards or separate modules that are installed inside the generator case during its production. After assembly, each copy of the generator is factory set and calibrated on a special automated measuring stand. Therefore, before ordering a generator, it is necessary to select all the required options. This photo shows the internals of the Anritsu MG3690C series generators. Some of the boards and modules shown are installed only when the corresponding options are ordered.

Anritsu MG3690C series generator internals
Anritsu MG3690C series generator internals.

An example of using the MG3690C series generator with the MG3710A vector generator

Option 7 is intended for the formation of complex digital types of modulation at high frequencies. When ordering this option, a separate high-quality mixer is installed in the MG3690C series generator, which allows any signal entering the IF input to be transferred up in frequency. This figure shows an example when an 8PSK digitally modulated signal is received from the MG3710A vector generator. This signal is applied to the IF input of the MG3694C generator and transferred to a frequency of 38 GHz. The resulting 38 GHz signal with 8PSK modulation is available at the generator's RF output, which is located on its rear panel. This feature is very useful when working with radio relay stations and other high-frequency telecom equipment.

An example of using the MG3690C series generator with the MG3710A vector generator
An example of generating a 38 GHz signal with 8PSK modulation.

Extending the Frequency Range of the MG3690C Series Generators to 500 GHz

The Anritsu MG3697C can generate signals up to 70 GHz. This is currently a record high. But if you need even higher frequencies, then the 2000-1694 series of laboratory frequency multipliers will allow you to generate signals up to 500 GHz. The 2000-1694 series frequency multipliers are fully supported by the MG3690C. In the generator menu you can select the multiplier model. In this case, the frequency readings on the generator screen will be automatically recalculated in accordance with the coefficient of the multiplier used.

The 2000-1694 series includes eight multiplier models, each designed for a different frequency range. For example, this photo shows the appearance of two frequency multipliers: model 2000-1694-10-R with a frequency range from 75 GHz to 110 GHz and model 2000-1694-06-R with a frequency range from 110 GHz to 170 GHz. Detailed characteristics of the 2000-1694 series, see below on this page in the section Documentation in the Anritsu MG3690C generator description file.

To extend the frequency range of the Anritsu MG3690C generators up to 500 GHz, external frequency multipliers of the 2000-1694 series are used
To extend the range up to 500 GHz, external frequency multipliers 2000-1694 are used.

Rear view of Anritsu MG3690C signal generators

Rear panel view of Anritsu MG3690C Series High Frequency Signal Generators
All the necessary signal and communication connectors are located on the rear panel of the Anritsu MG3690C generators.

Specifications for Anritsu MG3690C Series Signal Generators

Specifications of Anritsu MG3690C Series Measurement Signal Generators

This figure shows only the most important characteristics of the Anritsu MG3690C series RF test signal generators: output power level, amplitude accuracy, harmonics and SSB phase noise. A complete list of technical specifications (more than 20 pages) you can download below on this page in the section Documentation in PDF format.

Anritsu MG3690C Series Signal Generator Package

Name Short description
Anritsu MG3692C High frequency laboratory generator (2 GHz - 20 GHz). Connector K(f).
Anritsu MG3694C High-frequency laboratory generator (2 GHz - 40 GHz). Connector K(f).
Anritsu MG3695C High-frequency laboratory generator (2 GHz - 50 GHz). Connector V(f).
Anritsu MG3697C High frequency laboratory generator (2 GHz - 70 GHz). Connector V(f). Note: Characteristics are normalized up to 67 GHz.
2300-469 Optical disc with IVI and LabView documentation and drivers.
2000-1732-R Ethernet cable, 3 meters, shielded CAT-7.
- Power cable
- 1 year warranty (can be extended to 3 and 5 years)

Options and Accessories for Anritsu MG3690C Series Signal Generators

Below is a list of the main options and optional accessories for the Anritsu MG3690C series generators. Please note that some options cannot be set together with other options. Information on the compatibility of options, as well as their complete list with a detailed description, see below on this page in the section Documentation. In addition, you can choose additional equipment from the following sections of our website: microwave accessories and Measuring antennas.

Option Short description
MG3690C/4 Frequency range 8 MHz - 2.2 GHz. An ultra-low phase noise (SSB) digital downconverter is used.
MG3690C/5 Frequency range 8 MHz - 2.0 GHz. An analog buck converter is used.
MG3690C/22 Frequency range 0.1 Hz - 10 MHz. A direct digital synthesis (DDS) procedure is used. There is no modulation in the range of 0.1 Hz - 10 MHz. When this option is set, the output power is reduced by 2 dB.
A set of analog modulations (AM, FM, FM and IM). Allows you to modulate the output signal using amplitude, phase, frequency and pulse modulation from external or internal sources. Includes internal LF generator and pulse generator. This option code depends on the frequency range of the instrument: 28A for 20 GHz, 28B for 40 GHz, 50 GHz and 70 GHz.
Stepped attenuator (10 dB step). Slightly reduces the rated output power of the generator. This option code depends on the frequency range of the instrument: 2A for 20 GHz, 2B for 40 GHz, 2C for 50 GHz and 70 GHz.
Increased power output. Includes additional modules to increase generator output power. This option code depends on the frequency range of the instrument: 15A for 20 GHz, 15B for 40 GHz, 15C for 50 GHz, and 15D for 70 GHz.
MG3690C/3 Ultra-low phase noise. Includes additional modules for significant phase noise reduction (SSB).
MG3690C/16 Highly stable, thermostatically controlled internal 10 MHz reference oscillator for improved setup accuracy and frequency stability of the oscillator output.
MG3690C/1A Kit for installing the instrument in a standard 19-inch rack. Includes: rails, mounting lugs and front panel handles.
MG3690C/1B Kit for installing the instrument in a rack with mounting shelves. Includes: mounting lugs and front panel handles.
Accessory Short description
Anritsu 34RKNF50 Converter adapter with type N(f) connector, for generators with type K output. Designed for use at frequencies below 20 GHz.
Anritsu 806-97 Converter cable from Aux I/O connector (25 pins on the rear panel) to multiple BNC connectors. Provides access to the following sync and control signals: Seq Sync (serial sync), Marker Out (marker output), Band switch Blanking (band switch blanking signal), Retrace Blanking (backstop blanking signal), Sweep Dwell In (stop signal input during swing), V / GHz (Volts vs. GHz), Horizontal Out (Horizontal Out).
Anritsu 760-278 Rigid transport case.

This PDF documentation contains the most comprehensive description of Anritsu's MG3690C Series High Frequency Measurement Generators, their specifications and modes of operation:

Specifications for Anritsu MG3690C generators (in English) (24 pages; 2 MB)

Anritsu MG3690C User Manual (2016) (English) (248 pages; 7 MB)

Anritsu MG3690C Generator Programming Guide (English) (152 pages; 3 MB)

And here you can find our tips and other useful information on this topic:

Anritsu MG3690C User Manual (First Edition) (in Russian) (148 pages; 9 MB)

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