Optical reflectometer module up to 42 dB for EXFO trunks FTB-7400E

Optical reflectometer module for trunks and CWDM EXFO FTB-7400E

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EXFO FTB-7400E OTDR optical reflectometer modules are designed for measurements in backbone optical networks and CWDM networks. The combination of a wide dynamic range (up to 42 dB) and a small dead zone (0.8 m for events, 4 m for attenuation) makes the modules indispensable for testing backbone FOCLs and FTTP networks.

The FTB7400 modules have the ability to test in the O, E, C, L bands, including at the wavelength of the hydroxyl peak (1383 nm), which makes it possible to perform a complete spectral analysis of the attenuation in the fiber optic line necessary for the implementation of WDM systems, as well as for monitoring fibers with low water peak, or to analyze the "aging" process of traditional types of fibers.

Allows you to test networks with speeds up to 40 Gb / s.

Additionally, the module can be equipped with the VFL option, a visual fault locator, which makes it an extremely flexible and cost-effective instrument.



FTB-7500 E optical reflectometer modules are compatible with measurement platforms: EXFO FTB-500 and EXFO FTB-200.


Specifications for EXFO FTB-7400E Optical Reflectometer Modules

Specifications for EXFO FTB-7400E Optical Reflectometer Modules


Modifications of EXFO FTB-7400E Optical Reflectometer Modules

- FTB-7400E-0023B-XX SM OTDR Module, 1310/1550 nm, 42/41 dB (9/125 µm)
- FTB-7400E-0234B-XX-VFL SM OTDR Module, 1310/1550/1625 nm, 42/
FTB-7400E-2347B-XX-VFL SM OTDR Module, 1310/1383/1550/1625 nm, 42/40/41/41 dB (9/125 µm ) ), 650 nm VFL
- FTB-7400E-CWS-XX SM OTDR Module, CWDM SM ODTR Module, 1470/1490/1510/1530 nm, 41/41/41/41 dB (9/125 µm), VFL
- FTB- 7400E-CWCL-XX SM OTDR Module, CWDM SM ODTR Module, 1550/1570/1590/1610 nm, 41/41/40/40 dB (9/125 µm), VFL


1 year. It is possible to extend the warranty period up to 3 years.


Description of the optical reflectometer module for highways and CWDM EXFO FTB-7400E (14 pages; 4.5 MB)