Optical reflectometer module up to 38 dB EXFO FTB-7300D

Optical reflectometer module up to 38 dB EXFO FTB-7300D

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The ACCESS/METRO EXFO FTB-7300 D OTDR optical reflectometer module is designed for testing private networks and FTTx access networks, in particular PON.

The FTB-7300D series of modules is optimized for PON testing and has a wide dynamic range of up to 9dB to test splitters with insertion loss up to 16dB. FTB-7300D modules have the smallest dead zones in their area: event dead zone: 1 m and attenuation dead zone: 4.5 m for singlemode and multimode fibers.

The modules are optimized for both 50 µm and 62.5 µm multimode fibers.



The FTB7300D optical reflectometer module is compatible with EXFO FTB-400, EXFO FTB-200 and EXFO FTB-100B.


Specifications of EXFO FTB-7300D Optical Reflectometer Modules



Modifications of EXFO FTB-7300D optical reflectometer modules

- FTB-7300D-002B-XX (SM OTDR Module, 1310 nm, 38 dB (9/125 µm))
- FTB-7300D-003B-XX (SM OTDR Module, 1550 nm, 37 dB (9/125 µm))
- FTB-7300D-004B-XX (SM OTDR Module, 1625 nm, 35 dB (9/125 µm))
- FTB-7300D-023B-XX (SM OTDR Module, 1310/1550 nm, 38/37 dB (9/ 125 µm))
- FTB-7300D-034B-XX (SM OTDR Module, 1550/1625 nm, 37/35 dB (9/125 µm))
- FTB-7300D-234B-XX (SM OTDR Module, 1310/1550/
FTB-7300D-236B-XX (SM OTDR Module, 1310/1490/1550 nm, 38/34/37 dB (9/125 µm) )


1 year. It is possible to extend the warranty period up to 3 years.