Universal modular measurement platform for 4 slots EXFO FTB-400

Universal modular measurement platform for 4 slots EXFO FTB-400

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Prior to 1996, network performance assessment involved carrying around a ton of different instruments and wasting a lot of time integrating measurement data from various instruments to get a comprehensive view of the network. Then came EXFO's new, modular approach for network testing and monitoring, the EXFO FTB-400 all-in-one platform, featuring interchangeable module combinations and offering high-performance features and multi-tasking in a common interface. With numerous configurations designed to meet the different requirements of different types of networks, as well as the ability to add measurement modules as needed, the FTB400 Universal Measurement System has gained worldwide popularity in the market. The numbers show this clearly:

Universal Measuring System EXFO FTB-400 combines in one device the possibility of testing different levels: physical, optical, transport and data:
- a huge selection of different types of testing, field replaceable modules;
- equipped with a Pentium processor and has up to 512 MB of memory;
- large and easy to read high-resolution TFT touch screen, 12.1 inches (30.7 cm) in size;
- operating system Windows 2000;
- multitasking: allows you to simultaneously take measurements and process the results of other measurements.

The EXFO FTB-400 Universal Measurement System has a number of key benefits:
- Growth in the future: the ability to add new measurement modules to your system as requirements change - protect your investment in the platform;
- built-in multitasking allows a wide range of modules to be simultaneously hosted and run on the same platform;
- flexible PC-based architecture, easy data storage and on-site printing of reports.


Universal EXFO systems


Many configurations, large selection of add-ons

With a large selection of expansion cages for two, four, seven and eight single-slot modules, the FTB-400 gives you the ability to create your own test rig using any EXFO FTB modules, including legacy models. The system is designed for use in the field and can withstand the harshest working conditions:
- 2-, 4-, 7- or 8 slots in the expansion basket;
- backwards compatible with older models of FTB modules, allows you to get the maximum return on investment;
- the first-class reliability and durability allowing to work in any conditions.

The FTB-400 Universal Test System comes in six configurations to greatly expand your testing capabilities:


Various configurations of the EXFO FTB-400 measuring system


Bus cover configuration

An ultra-thin bus cover is applied to use the FTB400 as a laptop computer.


Dual slot configuration

- reflectometry ( OTDR ), loss measurements and GigEthernet, using OTDR, MultiTest and Packet Blazer modules;
- more than 500 combinations for reflectometry and loss measurement.


Four-slot configuration

This compact, powerful, multi-purpose expansion cradle is designed to accommodate up to four single-slot FTB platform measurement modules. It is equipped with a high-speed bus and is well suited for a variety of applications:
- Comprehensive data level testing using the entire line of Packet Blazer modules - Fiber Channel, Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet;
- Reflectometry ( OTDR ), loss measurements and Ethernet (up to 10 GB), using a combination of OTDR modules, MultiTest (Universal Tester) and Packet Blazer;
- Fully compatible with FTB-8000 SONET / SDH 10 Gb/s module


Eight-slot configuration

This multi-purpose, high-power, eight-slot expansion cage supports any FTB platform EXFO modules and offers first-class flexibility:
- support for up to eight single-slot modules;
- complete dispersion analysis - chromatic dispersion, polarization mode dispersion and reflectometry - on one platform;
- fully compatible with the FTB-8100 Next-Generation SONET / SDH analyzer;
- equipped with a high-speed tire;
- built-in power supply (does not require an external converter).


SONET/SDH configuration

- SONET / SDH and T-Carrier / PDH testing;
- a special configuration that allows you to simply use a bus protection cover or add two-, four-, seven-, or eight-slot expansion cages.


Layer test modules: physical/optical and transport/data - the most complete choice on the market

EXFO's FTB-400 Universal Measurement System can accommodate up to eight single-slot modules from an extensive line of leading optical and protocol level test solutions:
- physical/optical - including reflectometers, loss meters, PMD and chromatic dispersion analyzers, switches, sources, and power meters
- transport/data - SONET/SDH and Next-Gen SONET/SDH analyzers, Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet analyzers, and Fiber Channel (SAN) test modules.


Module selection

- more than 20 reflectometric modules (OTDR): four single-mode and two multi-mode wavelengths;
- more than 30 configurations of the universal tester (OLTS) module for testing return loss (ORL) and insertion loss (IL);
- chromatic dispersion analyzer (CD);
- analyzer of polarization-mode dispersion (PMD);
- optical spectrum analyzer (OSA);
- SONET / SDH tester;
- next generation SONET/SDH analyzer;
- Ethernet analyzer ( 10/100/GigE );
- 10 Gigabit Ethernet analyzer ( LAN and WAN PHY );
- Analyzer for Data Storage Networks (SAN);
- switch module: fast automated measurements by switching between one input port and multiple output ports;
- printer module for printing in the field;
- compensation coil module (OM and MM).


Plug-in modules for the EXFO platform


FTB-7000 OTDR B/C/D OTDR Series

Exceptionally low dead zone - 1 m, ideal for work with metro networks and FTTx networks. The modules allow testing at the following wavelengths: 1310, 1490, 1550 nm 1625 nm.
Accurate measurements - everything you need to get first-class results when testing single-mode or multimode lines:
- event dead zone - 1 m, attenuation - 4 m
- unsurpassed linearity of 0.03 dB allows you to get the most accurate data
- configurations with three wavelengths: 1310 / 1490 / 1550 nm or 1310 / 1550 / 1625 nm



Optical Switch FTB-9100

Maximize your measurement efficiency with the FTB-9100 Optical Switch. With the ability to switch between a single input port and multiple output ports, you quickly get accurate and repeatable results. Special programmable functions allow you to automate the data collection process. Used in conjunction with the FTB-7000B series of OTDR modules. You can choose from singlemode or multimode switches and several types of connectors.


Polarization Mode Dispersion Analyzer (PMD) FTB-5500B

Accurately measures PMD - even through EDFAs:
- more than 50 dB dynamic range;
- PMD range from 0 to 115 ps;
- performs the test in 3 seconds.



Chromatic Dispersion Analyzer FTB-5800

The analyzer uses a proven phase shift method. This module (patent pending) allows you to measure chromatic dispersion with high accuracy and speed. The module can measure up to 475 points, which allows you to achieve unsurpassed measurement accuracy. Moreover, the applied method can measure through devices such as erbium fiber amplifiers (EDFA), which allows testing the whole line, rather than sections.
The unique design of the device uses only one fiber for testing, i.e. there is no need to establish a connection on the second fiber between the source and the analyzer.


FTB-8120 / 8130 SONET / SDH analyzer

Combines professional DSn/PDH, SONET/SDH and Next-Gen SONET/SDH test functions in one unit
- DS1/E1 to OC-192/STM-64 interfaces in one unit
- Ethernet-over-SONET/SDH testing using GFP , VCAT and LCAS



Network protocol analyzer EXpertNPA

This simple and powerful software tool allows you to identify and evaluate complex network problems. It supports a wide range of features, including determining the baseline of network bandwidth usage, as well as determining the sources of increased activity, the sources and causes of broadcast storms, the causes of network congestion, and the sources of network attacks.


FTB-3930 MultiTest ( OLTS ) Universal Tester Module

Fully automatic bi-directional loss measurements at three wavelengths, automatic measurements of ORL and fiber length:
- 40 calibrated wavelengths;
- loss meter;
- power meter;
- meter return reflection loss (ORL);
- visual damage locator;
- single-mode and multi-mode sources;
- digital intercom;
- fiber length meter;
- automatic loss measurements at three wavelengths, ORL and distance measurements;
- user-configurable thresholds according to the criterion "good / not good";
- error-free testing: automatic recognition of the wavelength, does not require zeroing.



FTB-8520 Packet Blazer SAN Test Module

Installed in the FTB-400 platform, the FTB-8520 Packet Blazer SAN module allows you to test Fiber Channel FC-0, FC-1, and FC-2 logical layers for services delivered over transport protocols such as DWDM, SONET/SDH, and dark fibers.
When implementing Fiber Channel networks, the module provides the user with valuable information such as timing and buffer size estimation.


FTB-8510 Packet Blazer Ethernet Test Module

All the necessary test and monitoring features to maintain a Service Level Agreement (SLA):
- Packet jitter measurements to evaluate Ethernet transport networks
- Transparent LAN Services (TLS) testing with the ability to generate full duplex and full speed traffic (up to 1000 MB/s)
- fully integrated functionality for evaluating network performance for Ethernet packet transport
- packet jitter measurements to evaluate the ability of an Ethernet transport network to carry delay-sensitive traffic such as voice over IP (VoIP)
- throughput, back-to-back, latency measurements and frame loss
- remote control via tested LAN connection allows testing between endpoints



Specifications of EXFO FTB-400 telecommunications measuring system

Specifications of EXFO FTB-400 telecommunications measuring system


1 year. It is possible to extend the warranty period up to 3 years.

Attention! The EXFO FTB-400 platform is no longer available. Recommended replacement: Universal modular measuring platform EXFO FTB-500