Universal modular measurement platform for 2 EXFO FTB-200 slots

Universal modular measurement platform for 2 EXFO FTB-200 slots

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The latest compact platform FTB-200v2 (2010 development), by EXFO, replaces the highly acclaimed FTB-200, which has been designed to handle virtually any test scenario a technician might encounter in the field. EXFO has created an all-in-one tool with open architecture, backward compatibility and powerful, world-leading testing technologies.

Universal Measuring System FTB-400 is the leading all-in-one measurement platform that provides the most complete fiber test solution. Extending this family, the EXFO FTB200 platform is smaller and optimized for metro, FTTx, and access network testing. The FTB-200 also uses interchangeable measurement modules and this platform offers most of the same features and functionality as the FTB-200. platform FTB-400. Lightweight and compact platform FTB-200 worthy of real professionals.


Universal EXFO systems


Technical features of the compact measuring platform EXFO FTB-200

- light platform weight: 2.2 kg
- 4 second on-time with Windows CE / mobile
- accelerated data collection, processing and reporting
- instant data transfer with AutoSync USB
- file transfer and updates via USB connection
- large number of ports
- USB A / AB, RJ-45 and Bluetooth provide additional flexibility
- the platform is equipped with a Compact Flash connector (memory, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth)
- waterproof housing, sealed connections, doors for additional port protection
- improved TFT screen for improved visibility in direct sunlight
- durable shortcut buttons and scroll wheel
- GR-196-CORE compliant
- improved battery life: more than 8 hours for OTDR
- choice of operating method: touch screen or convenient buttons
- modularity: allows you to create different test combinations



Multilevel testing in many environments

Modularity as a means of adaptation

Important qualities for a professional are the ability to quickly adapt and the availability of the necessary resources at hand. The FTB200 has an open architecture that provides the widest choice of options and is highly adaptable for testing in various environments and at various levels. The FTB-200 is the most compact platform on the market. The platform is equipped with testing capabilities for both optical fibers and copper lines. Technicians will surely appreciate that they only need one tool to perform most of their most critical testing and troubleshooting tasks - the FTB-200 platform.


Support for the world famous series of optical reflectometers

Testing and troubleshooting will be much more efficient with the industry's most trusted OTDR series. EXFO offers a choice of over 20 module configurations that are designed to test trunks, metros, access networks, and FTTx networks. Other features of this series include:
- Modules with the ability to test up to four wavelengths.
- Industry's fastest data acquisition time
- FTTx optimized models for testing singlemode and multimode links
- Industry's smallest dead zones


Testing of various levels: physical, transport and data

Using transport and data analyzers, you can test the most modern types of networks - Ethernet and Next-Generation SONET / SDH, which use technologies such as: generalized framing procedure (GFP), virtual concatenation (VCAT), tuning scheme line bandwidth (LCAS) as well as Ethernet-over-SONET / SDH (EoS).


Plug-in modules for the EXFO platform


FTB-7000 OTDR B/C/D OTDR Series

Exceptionally low dead zone - 1 m, ideal for work with metro networks and FTTx networks. The modules allow testing at the following wavelengths: 1310, 1490, 1550 nm 1625 nm.
Accurate measurements - everything you need to get first-class results when testing single-mode or multimode lines:
- event dead zone - 1 m, attenuation - 4 m
- unsurpassed linearity of 0.03 dB allows you to get the most accurate data
- configurations with three wavelengths: 1310 / 1490 / 1550 nm or 1310 / 1550 / 1625 nm



FTB-8120 / 8130 SONET / SDH analyzer

Combines professional DSn/PDH, SONET/SDH and Next-Gen SONET/SDH test functions in one unit
- DS1/E1 to OC-192/STM-64 interfaces in one unit
- Ethernet-over-SONET/SDH testing using GFP , VCAT and LCAS



FTB-3930 MultiTest (OLTS) Universal Tester Module

Fully automatic bi-directional loss measurements at three wavelengths, automatic ORL and fiber length measurements.
- 40 calibrated wavelengths
- loss
meter - power
meter - return reflection loss (ORL) meter
- visual fault locator
- singlemode and multimode sources
- digital intercom
- fiber length meter
- automatic three wavelength loss, ORL and distance measurements
- user configurable pass/fail thresholds
- error-free testing: automatic wavelength recognition, no zeroing required



FTB-8510 Packet Blazer Ethernet Test Module

All the necessary test and monitoring features to maintain a Service Level Agreement (SLA):
- Packet jitter measurements to evaluate Ethernet transport networks
- Transparent LAN Services (TLS) testing with the ability to generate full duplex and full speed traffic (up to 1000 MB/s)
- fully integrated functionality for evaluating network performance for Ethernet packet transport
- packet jitter measurements to evaluate the ability of an Ethernet transport network to carry delay-sensitive traffic such as voice over IP (VoIP)
- throughput, back-to-back, latency measurements and frame loss
- remote control via tested LAN connection allows testing between endpoints



Wide range of interfaces

Technicians can trust the proven technology of the compact yet powerful Windows CE/Mobile operating system. This development-friendly environment allows EXFO to quickly change, improve, and implement new versions and features in test equipment to meet ever-changing user requirements.
- data transfer via USB AutoSync and optional USB memory connection
- Compact Flash slot with Wi-Fi, memory and Bluetooth connectivity
- built-in RJ-45 port


Interfaces of the compact measuring platform EXFO FTB-200


Specifications of EXFO FTB-200 Compact Measurement Platform

Specifications of EXFO FTB-200 Compact Measurement Platform


1 year. It is possible to extend the warranty period up to 3 years.


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