Optical spectrum analyzer module (1250 nm - 1650 nm) EXFO FTB-5240B

Optical spectrum analyzer module (1250 nm - 1650 nm) EXFO FTB-5240B

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Exceptional DWDM performance: The EXFO FTB-5240 OSA provides measurement power and flexibility with features such as excellent spectral resolution, high bandwidth resolution and large dynamic range. With even better spectral depth and bandwidth resolution, the FTB-5240B is now ready to measure the next generation of ultra-dense WDM systems.

Ease of operation: Starting is provided by just pressing one button. The graphical user interface makes it easy to operate the instrument by providing access to various menus and functions. With a simple and intuitive touch screen, you can easily access all of the instrument's automated functions with just one touch.

Robust and portable: EXFO's spectrum analyzer is housed in a rugged, lightweight (magnesium alloy) and rubber-bumpered enclosure Universal Measurement Platform FTB-400– this allows the Analyzer to withstand the bumps and drops that are inevitable in the field, as well as possible in the laboratory.

Best-in-class spectral resolution depth: With industry-leading spectral resolution depth of up to 40 dBc at 0.1 nm, 50 dBc at 0.2 nm, and 55 dBc at 0.4 nm, the new FTB5240B analyzer delivers unsurpassed accuracy in signal-to-noise ratio measurements.

Internal Calibration: The FTB-5240B Spectrum Analyzer Module is equipped with an internal reference source that maintains a minimum wavelength error of ±30 pm on the C+L bands.

External Calibration: You can use an external study source to calibrate your Analyzer before you start measuring, and thus achieve a measurement error of only ± 15 nm in the C+L bands.

The EXFO FTB5240 B optical spectrum analyzer module is compatible with EXFO FTB-400.

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You can analyze up to 512 channels in DWDM test mode. In the report window, you can view complete information about the spectrogram, including measurement parameters and identification data. Use tabs to access functions and measurement results:
- results: speed up reporting with a detailed table of results;
- measurements: focus on the details of the spectrogram with a set of markers and zoom functions;
- warnings: monitor the behavior of the system using a table of alarms based on set thresholds.

With the ability to change the wavelength range for scanning, the FTB-5240 and FTB-5240B analyzers allow the operator to concentrate their measurements on a specific range. The result is less acquisition time and better resolution. EXFO's spectrum analyzers allow measurements in all wavelength ranges used in telecommunications, as well as in all potential optical surveillance channels (OSC).

The step-by-step procedures located in the applications section will guide you through testing different types of network components. The results will then be displayed in a table specific to each application. The automated measurement process includes predefined templates for the following most common tests:
- spectral transmission;
- DFB lasers;
- comparison of spectrograms.



High accuracy

The FTB-5240B allows you to test systems with 25 GHz, 50 GHz, or 100 GHz channel spacing while maintaining a wavelength accuracy of ± 0.030 nm. The typical bandwidth resolution for the FTB-5240B is 0.033nm, which makes it possible to distinguish even very closely spaced channels, which is most important when testing DWDM systems. Wavelength accuracy is maintained using an internal reference and can be improved to ±15 pm using an external calibration.


Spectral resolution depth

The FTB-5240 Spectrum Analyzer has an optimum spectral resolution depth of up to 40 dBc at 0.2 nm and 50 dBc at 0.4 nm from peak. The new FTB-5240B module has unrivaled performance, with a spectral resolution depth of up to 40 dBc at 0.1 nm from peak. With this module, you get the most reliable and accurate signal-to-noise ratio measurements in the industry.


Specifications for EXFO FTB-5240B Optical Spectrum Analyzer Modules

Specifications for EXFO FTB-5240B Optical Spectrum Analyzer Modules


Modifications of EXFO FTB-5240B optical spectrum analyzer modules

- FTB-5240-XX (Optical Spectrum Analyzer)
- FTB-5240B-XX (High OSNR Optical Spectrum Analyzer)


1 year. It is possible to extend the warranty period up to 3 years.