Tehencom with Fujikura FSM-60S became the winner of the "Best Innovative Product/Solution" contest at EEBC 2011 and expoTEL 2011

Fujikura FSM-60S - Best Innovative Product/Solution at EEBC 2011 and expoTel 2011


The quality and excellent performance of the Fujikura FSM-60S welding machine was awarded the "Best Innovative Product/Solution" award at EEBC 2011 and expoTEL 2011.

The Fujikura FSM-60S welding machine differs from the previous model 50S in reduced dimensions and dust-moisture-shock resistance. In addition, thanks to auto-tuning of the arc power, it is now possible to make more than 1000 welds on one pair of electrodes as on FSM-50S, a 2500 welds, and on one battery charge you can perform about 160 heat shrink welds. The device has lost some weight, with the battery its weight is 2.7 kg. In the new series of devices (FSM-18S and FSM-60S) for ease of installation, a special screw-on table is supplied with the case.

The Fujikura FSM-60S splicer is designed for splicing all types of optical fibers with alignment along the core of the optical fiber. Typical splicing time for single mode (SM) fibers in AUTO mode is 10 Seconds. Built-in thermal oven 30 modes provides a typical heat shrink time for Fujikura sleeves equal to 30 seconds. The device is designed to work in the most severe operating conditions. FSM-60S has high protection against dust and moisture, is not afraid of bumps and falls, provides operation in the temperature range from -10°С to +50°С.


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