ADSL1/2/2+ EXFO AXS-200/625 copper line tester based on AXS-200 platform

ADSL1/2/2+ EXFO AXS-200/625 copper line tester based on AXS-200 platform

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AXS-200/625 tester for testing 30 MHz copper lines and ADSL2+ Triple-Play, manufactured by EXFO, is a universal solution for multi-level testing of VDSL2, ADSL1/2/2+ copper lines and triple-play services. The tester allows you to evaluate the state of the physical environment and triple-play services in one test, and thus reduce the time required to activate new services, maintain and troubleshoot.

The AXS-200/625 tester is part of the line of testers for access networks EXFO AXS-200.

Market players xDSL/triple-play exist in an environment of intense competition, and subscriber turnover is a daily pressing problem. Therefore, when it comes to providing high quality services - voice, video and data - every minute counts. Thus, it is essential to be able to reduce commissioning, maintenance and testing cycles. This is where the benefits of a combined copper and xDSL/triple-play test solution come into play.



EXFO AXS-200/625 integrates the functionality of two testers: a 30 MHz copper line tester - AXS-200/610 and a service tester ADSL2+ Triple Play - AXS-200/620. This easy-to-use tool allows technicians to evaluate and troubleshoot copper subscriber lines and triple-play services through a set of tests and procedures integrated into an intuitive interface.

The AXS-200/625 color screen has excellent brightness and clarity, and the measurement results (including graphs and bar graphs) are presented on this screen. This concern for the user makes the tester easy to use, perfect for video analysis and spectrum analysis up to 30 MHz for lines VDSL2. The AXS-200/625 is designed with changing working conditions in mind, its screen performs well in bright direct sunlight, as well as in dark rooms and outdoor cabinets.



Features and Benefits of the EXFO AXS-200/625 Tester

- multilevel analysis ADSL2+ and triple-play - minimizes investment and operating costs;
- a convenient solution for testing triple-play services delivered via ADSL1/2/2+ and Ethernet 10/100;
- spectrum analysis up to 30 MHz to check lines VDSL2; backward compatible with ADSL2+;
- verification of traditional PM lines;
- service testing ADSL1/2/2+ from the subscriber's premises, outdoor closet or central office;
- checking various quality parameters of IPTV and VoIP services.


Main applications of the EXFO AXS-200/625 tester

- analysis of subscriber lines to ensure the quality, uninterrupted and error-free operation of triple-play services (IPTV, data transmission, VoIP);
- preliminary assessment of line capabilities to support high-speed services ADSL2+ or VDSL2;
- analysis of the spectrum in the line in any range VDSL2 (12, 17, 30 MHz);
- reflectometry (TDR and FDR) for line and defect analysis;
- IPTV analysis with set-top box emulation, media delivery index (MDI) QoE (RFC 4445), PCR jitter and PID viewing.


1 year. It is possible to extend the warranty period up to 3 years.


Technical description of the tester for copper lines EXFO AXS-200/625 (1.14 MB)