Technical and information support for measuring technology

For the effective operation of control and measuring equipment, theoretical knowledge and considerable practical experience are required. During our work, we have been convinced of this more than once. The technical and informational support provided by the specialists of Tehencom LLC includes all stages of equipment operation: from searching and selecting the optimal configuration of devices to solving complex technical issues that arise during their operation.

Our specialists are regularly trained abroad and participate in the implementation of real projects in Ukraine. Customers of Tehencom LLC receive at their disposal:

- qualified assistance in the search and selection of control and measuring equipment;
- certified training in radio measurements and work with optical fiber;
- assistance in carrying out measurements, including the use of instruments of Tehencom LLC;
- warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the purchased equipment in the service center;
- technical support by phone: (044) 338-11-77, (097) 650-11-77, (095) 650-11-77, (093) 650-11-77.

We understand the importance of qualified and timely support for our Clients and pay special attention to this issue.