Protocol analyzer SDH, PDH, Sonet, ATM, etc. JDSU ANT-20SE

Protocol analyzer SDH, PDH, Sonet, ATM, etc. JDSU ANT-20SE

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Protocol analyzer SDH, PDH, Sonet, ATM JDSU (Acterna) ANT-20SE is a desktop instrument for analyzing streams at speeds from E1 to STM-64. It is used both when testing sections of existing lines, and when commissioning new ones. The device can be equipped with electrical or optical interfaces, various functional software options.

The JDSU-Acterna ANT-20SE analyzer is made in a desktop format and runs on an embedded PC. In the basic version, the device is equipped with a touch screen, stylus, keyboard and all the necessary connectors for connecting external devices and media (RS-232, PCMCIA, GPIB, LAN). Intuitive control and user-friendly interface make working with the analyzer accessible even for an unprepared specialist.


Features and Benefits of JDSU Protocol Analyzer (Acterna) ANT-20SE

- modular architecture for testing PDH, SDH and ATM networks;
- optical inputs for two wavelengths for speeds STM-1, STM-4, STM-16 and STM-64;
- electrical inputs for speeds DS1, E1, E3, DS3, E4 and STM-1;
- analysis and generation of jitter / wander up to STM-16;
- complete analysis of the interconnected mapping of SDH VC-4-4C and VC-4-16C signals;
- full-level PDH analysis with flexible PDH Mux / DeMux configuration;
- insert and output channels (with the option Drop / Insert);
- the possibility of installing an optical divider;
- analysis of ATM services.


Options installed in the protocol analyzer JDSU (Acterna) ANT-20SE



1 year. It is possible to extend the warranty period up to 3 years.


Description of protocol analyzer JDSU (Acterna) ANT-20SE (32 pages; 900 KB)

Description of analyzers JDSU (Acterna) ANT-20, ANT-20SE, ANT-10G (30 pages; 1.5 MB)

Description of options for analyzers JDSU (Acterna) ANT-20, ANT-20SE (2 pages; 380 KB)